History Of The Rise And Fall Of Byzantine Empire

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Over the years there has been the rise of kingdoms and empires all over the world but it is noted that it is inevitable for its fall over time. In the rise and fall of empires there are casualties and conquerors who lose and benefit respectively. The division of Roman Empire saw the rise of a new empire to the Byzantine Empire.

The rise of Byzantine Empire

In the 3rd and 4th centuries when the Roman Empire was on its downfall, its eastern continuation by the time led by Constantine whose aim was to united them. The remarkable rise of the empire was in 526 CE with emperor Justinian who started the conquest that went out to capture the Mediterranean and a big stretch of the former Roman Empire.

The rise of the Byzantine Empire was successful because of its geographical location which was less vulnerable to attacks. There was a less frontier to Europe and the empire was on a plain which made it strong and tough for the rivals to breach the defense to the capital. The empire was so wealthy as compared to the other states around it, making them have the control of the economic resources. As a result of immerse wealth stronger administration the empire had enough manpower to counter attacks.

The fall of the Byzantine Empire

The Byzantine Empire lasted 10 centuries with different empire running their conquest in the expansion of the empire. In the 15th century the empire was leaving in the shadow of its earlier achievements led by Constantine XI Dragases Palaiologos. On 29th of May 1453 the Ottoman led Sultan Mehmed II after exerting pressure for over 100 years conquered the Byzantine Empire.

The empire faced challenges that led to its fall. In 1261 during the error Michael VIII the economy that was mighty in the region fell and never got its mighty back. Emperor John V sought financial help in 1936 unsuccessfully and got arrested in Venice. This weakened the empire as the ottoman grew which was their greatest enemy was there greatest challenge that saw them to their fall.


The Byzantine Empire enjoyed conquest for almost a millennium after the fall of the Roman Empire the western front. They enjoyed immerse resources and well administered arm that enabled them reign long. It is inevitable for a fall of an empire, with the economic and political challenges that Byzantine Empire faced was a challenge to them and an opening for their enemy.

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