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Worshiping Many Gods: Understanding Ancient Greek Beliefs

Ancient Greeks found religion to be important as they believe it bettered their lives and the way they live. They also worshipped gods as they believed they would care for them when they died. Ancient Greeks beloved these many gods as they thought they controlled...

An Investigation into the Representation of Poseidon and Aphrodite

For my project I chose the topic of water linking it to spirituality and how it means rebirth in many cultures. This topic is more of a focus on the deities, gods and goddesses, that people worshiped and especially focus on the how they themselves...

Mayari, Haik, Poseidon, and Helios: Traitors and Butchers of the Ocean

Gods influence and contribute to the daily lives of the people of Earth realm. Each god possesses a set of unique talents and abilities that they’ve had ever since they were born. Gods like Mayari, have the ability to control the moon, Helios was blessed...

A Modern Reflection of the Life of Theseus and Poseidon

Mary Renault’s The King Must Die is a narrative of the early life and times of the Greek mythological hero Theseus spun into a fast paced and exciting story. Written in reflection style by the hero in later life, the story is told in the...

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