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The Extent of Russian Modernisation Under the Rule of Alexander II

The modernisation of Russia was benefitted Russian society due to the reforms orchestrated by tsar Alexander II. The tsar was aware of Russia’s weaknesses and recognized the necessity to introduce reforms to modernise Russia. Alexander II is best known for his first reform, the emancipation...

Alexander II: The Rise of Russian Colonization

By the early twentieth century, the Russian Empire was made up of various countries such as modern-day Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic states, the Caucasus and Central Asia, which meant that the monarch was responsible for vast numbers of national and religious minorities. The argument...

The Beginning of Russian Revolution Under the Pressure of Tyranny

Revolution refers to the forceful overthrow of a country’s government so as to introduce a new political system often by using war or violence as stated by the University of Cambridge (2018). The revolution occurred due to a number of reasons such as Russia being...

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