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Medieval Europe and Khmer Empire: Comparative Analysis of the Two Societies

In the annals of history, Medieval Europe and the Khmer Empire stand as two distinct societies, existing simultaneously on opposite corners of the globe. Despite their geographical and cultural disparities, they share numerous similarities and differences in their daily ways of life. Khmer Empire and...

Crime and Punishment in Medieval Europe: Exploring the Dark Side

Crime and punishment Throughout the medieval period, people committed numerous crimes varying from theft, treason, rape, and highway robbery. These few crimes largely show that the main cause of common crime was connected to poverty. Medieval life was characterized by poverty for the vast majority...

Comparing Great Civilizations: Medieval Europe and Khmer Empire

Medieval Europe and the Khmer Empire were two very significant societies, that influenced the cultures that followed these historical periods. They both had similarities and differences in the way they existed, however, they were both independent civilisations that had little influence on each other. By...

A Knight's Tale' as a Useful Historical Source to Study Medieval Europe

A Knight’s Tale is set in medieval Europe around 1370s and the movie follows a peasant, who is fuelled of the desire of food and glory and has a heart of a knight, through a journey where he disguises himself as a knight to compete...

Khmer Empire and Medieval Europe: Analysis of Military and Daily Life

This essay will compare military and daily life in Medieval Europe and the Khmer Empire. There were many similarities in weaponry used by the military forces, however there were various differences in the defence systems between the Khmer Empire and Medieval Europe. The type of...

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