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Hardships and Struggles of Inter-Class Marriage and Relationships

The class of people we become is shaped by the money and material things we used to have growing up. We can be either working-class, middle-class, or upper-class. Most of us begin dating and have relationships with others with similar backgrounds, income level, educational level,...

The Concept of High and Middle Social Classes in Chicago

The concept of social class becomes significant when analyzing Walley’s book on postindustrial Chicago as it provides insight on her depictions of working- class neighbourhoods through the issues related to labour, the process of deindustrialization and its consequences (Walley, 2013). In the United States, people...

Subversion of Notions of Upper and Middle Class Morality in Betjeman's Poems

Betjeman challenges the Victorian notion of upper and middle class morality by presenting speakers, whom are engulfed by their wealth and social status to the point of viewing themselves as entitled. Although his love for Victorians is prominent, he found it difficult to resist making...

Decline of Middle Class in Indonesian Society

The Middle class in Indonesia is declining because the increase in the wage rate could not catch up with the increase of Indonesia’s inflation rate as shown by the bar chart above. Other reasons why they would still decline is because of Tax. Every income...

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