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Novel Approach for Email Forensics

E-mail analysis is the task performed in the network forensics. It is the analysis of emails sent and received at different ends. These days there are only few ways to analyse emails. Most accepted method is Manual method of Analysis. While performing Manual method of...

Overview of the Effects of Direct Mail Distribution

When a company or business starts, the owners need to advertize it to raise awareness about the certain company. For this task, they advertise themselves by mails, pamphlets and other means available depending on the budget. Direct mail is defined as the delivery of the...

Messages of Political Propaganda in Advertising for Young Children

The definition of propaganda is about spreading information with a cause, whereas advertising is an attempt to influence the buying behaviour of customers or clients using a persuasive message. The similarity of both words is for the cause of spreading, even if it includes engraving...

Powerful Message Behind Logic's '1-800-273-8255'

Have you ever just walked passed somebody with deep, open cuts on his or her wrist and wondered how they got them? The first speculation that would appear would be if the cut was due to an accident by their pets and the following thought...

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