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Comparison of the Views on Homosexuality and Same Sex Marriage

Western Views Although marriage is a cultural universal, how cultures conceive of marriage vary depending on many factors such as the customs, sex roles, gender roles, human right interpretation, religion, procreation and perpetuation of lineage. Traditionally, marriage according to Henry Tichler (2004) ‘is the socially...

Challenges of being a gay man in Ghana

In the fledgling stages of life, even before I was conscious of my sexuality, I was put down for things I had no control over – the way I talked, the way I walked, and even the things I liked. These factors made many refer...

Supremacy Of The Male Characters In Shakespeare’s Plays and Representation Of Homosexuality in Twelfth Night Or What You Will

“In patriarchal societies, women have been suppressed, marginalized and ignored by the masculine thought that prevails in many areas of life. This situation was directly reflected in the theater texts related to life and society. However, even if they were ignored, women had a language,...

Pride: Cinematography for Lesbian and Gay Rights

The 2014 film ‘Pride’ is based upon the Lesbians and Gays support the miner’s movement which was active between 1984 and 1985. The story follows the members of this group and their experience as they raised money to support miners in the Dulais Valley in...

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