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Are Humans Inherently Good Or Evil

Humans are born with the innate ability to define what is considered a sin and what is considered a deed. By this, it is necessitated upon by us,the humans, to find reason and rhyme for our sins, and reward ourselves because of our virtues. We...

The Good and Evil in the Realm of Self-Discovery

15th March 2019. This date represents one of the most horrific travesties to have befallen humanity in the contemporary world. The Christchurch Massacre, as it has since been termed, was characterized by inhumanity, stemming from pure evil. Innocent lives were destroyed, relationships were disintegrated, and...

“Désirée’S Baby”

Stealing. Rape. Murder. All of these are acts of evil that can be executed at any given point all over the world. However, none of these examples really help with understanding what evil actually is, which is why evil is perceived and defined differently by...

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