Dubai in the Middle East’s Arabian Gulf

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Dubai is a city for tourists, located in the Middle East’s Arabian Gulf; it’s next to Saudi Arabia and Oman. Emirati locals eagerly welcome tourists to visit the city from all around the world, understanding the benefits of tourism and an exposure to outside ideas. A city with high economic growth and the target of being the world’s leader in terms of growth and market share, Dubai is a city which everyone should know about, especially in regards to its landmarks, shopping opportunities and activities.

Dubai is best known for its world-renowned landmarks, of which there are many. Firstly, there’s the world’s only 7-star hotels: Burj Al Arab. Constructed to mirror the shape of a boat’s sail, a possible reference to Dubai’s deep connection with the water from its pearl-diving days, it provides world-class service and access to its private beaches. Another notable landmark is Burj Khalifa. This is the world’s tallest structure which towers over Dubai. Open to the public, one can experience the Burj Khalifa from its observation deck or from one of its many restaurants. 

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Next to Burj Khalifa stands The Dubai Mall. While a mall may not sound impressive, its sheer size and facilities make it one of Dubai’s most notable landmarks. Finally, there’s Dubai’s recently constructed Frame. In the shape of a large photo-frame, it offers people the opportunity to compare old Dubai with the Dubai of today, allowing visitors to look over each side of the city while also providing information on key structures on either side.

One cannot think of Dubai without equating it with shopping. It offers vast numbers of malls, each containing hundreds of shops. The most well-known of these is The Dubai Mall, which contains 1200 restaurants and shops to suit all tastes and budgets. For those who want luxury, there’s the mall’s Fashion Avenue. It’s an area which contains famous luxury brands from around the world such as Gucci, Chanel and Louis Vuitton. This marble covered area reflects the sky due to the glass ceiling overhead, enhancing its luxurious feel. Furthermore, shoppers who spend more than five hundred dirhams can avail of a free home delivery option for any goods purchased once you’re residing within fifty-kilometres of the mall. 

For those wishing to experience a more authentic shopping experience, Dubai also offers a number of souqs, the Arab word for market, throughout the city. While there are souqs, like Souq Al Bahar next to The Dubai Mall, designed to attract tourists, more authentic versions can be found in Deira. These souqs have been built since the creation of the UAE and sell everything from: spices and gold, to textiles and scarves. Finally, Global Village is an international market which is divided up into different countries – for instance, there is an American area, an African area and an Indian area to name a few. Here visitors can haggle with sellers and get souvenirs from all over the world.

Finally, for those who seek something other than impressive architecture and shopping, there are many adventures to be experienced. To begin with, there’s a desert safari – a thrilling ride over undulating sand dunes. In a 4x4, adventurers are taken to the desert to surf the sandy waves at a high speed. However, Dubai offers a lot more than just the desert. For those who wish to get a glimpse of Dubai from the sky, Sky Dive Dubai offer tandem skydives. After a brief lesson on sky diving etiquette, those partaking in the activity jump from 5,000 Ft above Dubai’s man-made island: The Palm. While such activities are tempting, there are also activities that one can enjoy while escaping the city’s heat. For instance, skiing and snowboarding are available activities in Ski Dubai, a man-made ski-dome located inside Mall of the Emirates.

To conclude, Dubai has a wide range of landmarks, shopping malls and activities available that meet the needs of people from all over the world. It is a city that is continually striving to better itself and become a leader in each field, something which is evident from everyday approaches to design, services and activities. Therefore, Dubai is a city not to be underestimated.         

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