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The Political Crisis of Honduras and Its Consequences

The crisis in Honduras is progressing recently, because a few weeks ago Honduras is going through a serious institutional, political and social crisis. The legations of fraud, delays in the counting of votes, and opponents killed by the security forces. Honduras is a country that…

The Tourist Guide for Travel to Costa Rica

If you’re on the market for some of the most breathtaking sceneries, unspoiled Caribbean beaches, spectacular waterfalls and Nature at the very peak of its powers, then Costa Rica should definitely be on your bucket list. For those of you who are perennial thrill seekers…

The Cultural Richness and Variety of Costa Rica

Languages of the country: Five indigenous languages belong to the Chibcha language family which are Cabécar language, Bribri language, Maléku language, Buglere language,and Guaymí language. There has been lots of immigrants that settled in costa rica, which contributed to the foregein language use. One of…

The Current Political and Economical State of Venezuela

Do you want to lose weight but are struggling to find the right program? Well, a simple diet to follow is the Maduro diet. What is that? It is the diet that starving Venezuelans are forced to live off of every year. In 2016 alone,…

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