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Abortion in America: A Complex and Controversial Issue

The topic of abortion in America is one that remains deeply divisive and emotionally charged. As a fundamental issue of women's rights, personal choice, and ethical considerations, the debate over abortion laws and access continues to shape the social, political, and legal landscape of the...

America: A Country Built On Racism In A Stranger In The Village

Although the United States is a very diverse country, its history has been entwined with racism. In Becoming (2018), Michelle Obama recalls her experiences from her childhood in Chicago to her days of being the first lady, and the blatant racism she faced from people...

Americas Personality During the Events of 1940s

America has always been known to be a very violent country due to there being lots of murders being made every day and crimes. In the 1940s the US faced many events such as the Pearl Harbor attack, the USS Arizona sinkage and failure in...

The Origins and History of The Navy Seals

The American military force is well known around the world, America has the best militaries in the world. America has the best Army, Air Force, Marines, and the Navy Seals. Navy Seals are one of the most unique military branches that the United States has....

Piligrims' Sickness in the New World America

The Pilgrims endured many troubles, trials, and tribulation in their first year in the new and mysterious land that they were beginning to inhabit. Their hardest time was their first winter in the New World, it came quickly and without warning. The Pilgrims, who had...

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