Essay Samples on Americas

Piligrims' Sickness in the New World America

The Pilgrims endured many troubles, trials, and tribulation in their first year in the new and mysterious land that they were beginning to inhabit. Their hardest time was their first winter in the New World, it came quickly and without warning. The Pilgrims, who had…

Benefits and Risks of Medical Tourism in Brazil

Background Medical tourism is known to date back to the 1980’s and 1990’s when health costs rose. This caused Americans to start traveling to Central American countries like Costa Rica for dental bridges and caps not covered by their insurance – which was later known…

The Foundations of the Canadian Health Care System

The Founding principle of the Canadian health care system is solely based on the need for service, and not the ability to pay. The topic of Health Policy in Canada is often surrounded by controversial arguments and elements of conflicts. The Canadian healthcare system is…

Various Social Movements Across Latin America

Latin American today is amid ‘Primavera Latinoamericana’ also known as the Latin America Spring. Inequality, austerity measures, authoritarian rule and corruption scandals which have been taking place in the continent for decades now have led to civil disobedience movements all across the countries. The protests…

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