Essay Samples on Childbirth

Infertility And The Burden On The African Woman

Infertility is a scourge that causes a lot of misfortune and burden on the African woman. The woman being a strategic link in the procreation process attracts more attention when this mechanism of continuity of the human race doesn’t work well. In Africa, children are…

A Normal Birth And C-Section

The labour is still a big fear in women life, biggest part of the woman who get pregnant are afraid of the delivering time, because it can be really complicated, and their fear is completely understandable. Some women consider c-sections from the beginning just because…

Screening For Foetal Down Syndrome

The declaration of human rights clearly states that a person has the’ Right to Life, Liberty and Personal Security’ The process of prenatal screening is something that has been and continues to be a topic of debate amongst the world’s populous; from completely pro to…

Things To Include In A Postpartum Care Kit

We spend the entire forty weeks preparing for the baby, but never ourselves; some mums have an extensive and comprehensive list of what their baby should and must have, but you forget that when that little angel leave the comfort of your uterus; you have…

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