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The Health Tips For The Early Pregnancy

Being a mother is the greatest privilege a woman can have. Girls have been dreaming about it since puberty. There are many changes in a woman’s body when she is pregnant. This is a refreshing experience for a first-time mother. From the moment she knows...

Effects Of Childbirth On Rape Victims

Childbirth and rape. Two completely different situations with polar opposite emotions attached to them. It would be unsettling to ever try to imagine how the two would work together, but have you ever stopped to think about what happens when these worlds collide? How does...

Infertility And The Burden On The African Woman

Infertility is a scourge that causes a lot of misfortune and burden on the African woman. The woman being a strategic link in the procreation process attracts more attention when this mechanism of continuity of the human race doesn’t work well. In Africa, children are...

A Normal Birth And C-Section

The labour is still a big fear in women life, biggest part of the woman who get pregnant are afraid of the delivering time, because it can be really complicated, and their fear is completely understandable. Some women consider c-sections from the beginning just because...

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