Importance of Human Life and Pro Life Mindset in Abortion

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The definition of an abortion is: the ending of a pregnancy by removal or expulsion of an embryo or fetus before it can survive outside the uterus (Abortion Medical 1). In 1973, abortions became legal in all states in the United States of American. Pro-life groups have been fighting against the legalization of abortions fervently to protect the lives of unborn babies. A large percentage of people that have abortions are uneducated and unaware of the truths of what they are doing. Abortion is the killing of an unborn baby who does not have the ability to stand up for itself. It is the taking of an innocent life that does not belong to you. These babies can not speak up for themselves. Many people view pro-life campaigns as the taking away of citizens’ rights, however pro-life supporters are fighting for the innocent lives that can not fight for themselves.

There are a few different ways an abortion can be carried out. There are abortion pills, which consist of a series of medications that are taken a few days apart. They stop the fetus from growing any further and force the mother’s body to have a miscarriage. These pills are not effective if the mother is more than ten weeks pregnant. Another way to have an abortion is by a first trimester surgery. The unborn baby us suctioned out by a device and then a curette, or scoop like tool, is used to scrape the lining of the uterus to make sure there are no fetal parts left behind. The third way that an abortion is performed is by a second trimester surgery. In this procedure the baby is thirteen to twenty-four weeks old. The surgeon removes the baby using forceps to grab onto the baby’s body parts and pull them out piece by piece until the entire baby is terminated (Abortion Just Facts 1). These gruesome surgeries are often overlooked and concealed from the public eye. In a recent survey of women who have had an abortion in the past year, over fifty percent of participants admitted that they did not know all of the details of their surgery and the gruesome way it was performed (Abortion Just Facts 1).

Another aspect of abortion that often goes overlooked is the serious affects of the mother’s physical and mental well being. Mothers can suffer from side effects such as severe bleeding, severe abdominal pain, infection or sepsis, damage to cervix, scarring of the uterine lining, perforation of the uterus, damage to other organs, and even death. (Possible Physical 1) These frightening side effects are a result of the evasive surgeries that damage the mothers body. Mothers are not only affected physically; they also suffer from emotional side effects. Most mothers experience major regret after having an abortion. They admit that they did not know the severity of their situation and felt pressured to act quickly in having their abortion. Mothers suffer from regret, anger, shame, insomnia or nightmares, relationship issues, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, and depression (Abortion Risks 1). In many cases, especially in teenage pregnancies, the mother ends up resenting the people that influenced her to get the abortion.

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Many people argue that the fetus is not considered a baby at the time an abortion takes place, but by looking at the timeline of the fetus it is obvious that a fetus is a baby the moment it is conceived. At just three weeks old the newly conceived baby already contains a full set of DNA, which determines the baby’s sex and eye color. The sex of the baby is determined before most mothers even know they are pregnant. By five weeks the baby’s heart begins to beat and by twelve weeks the beats are audible using special equipment. By twenty- two weeks the baby can survive outside of the womb (Baby center 1). How can one say a baby is not a baby when it is capable of surviving at just twenty-two weeks of age? A life is a life no matter how small it is.

The basis for the pro-life campaign is religion. It is based on following the fifth commandment, “thou shall not kill”. Abortion violates this commandment because it is the ending of an innocent human life. It is centered around having good morals and respecting all life no matter how small it is. A quote by Dr. Seuss; “A person is a person no matter how small” fully embodies the pro-life campaign. If our society wants to say that we value all life and respect everyone, then we must learn to respect the smallest and most innocent humans. Babies can not stand up for themselves, especially not in the womb. These babies’ lives are being terminated before they are given the chance to live. Most abortions happen because of an accidental pregnancy and the babies are punished for the sins of their parents. Another reason babies are aborted is because of down syndrome and other disabilities. Do we not value these people just as much? God created every person to be different and special. We should value all people just the same no matter how small, old, or disabled. Up to twenty percent of down syndrome tests are false positives, which means many babies are being aborted even though they do not have down syndrome, they are perfectly healthy (Should Abortion 1). Babies are also aborted because they interfere with a person’s career. Every sexual act should be done knowing and accepting the possibility of new life. People are using abortions as a form of contraception and that is not right. Contraception is wrong and prevents the formation of new life, but abortions takes it to an entirely different level. It is the ending of a life that has already been created. We do not know the babies that have been aborted. A baby could have been aborted that held the cure for cancer, a baby that would be a world leader, a baby that would invent something new and positive for our world, and so many more things that are now unknown. Life is so precious and that is seen best in the face of a new born infant that has just come into the world. Babies are pure and innocent; they are a gift of new life from God. They should have the chance to live instead of being terminated because they are viewed as an inconvenience or a burden.

Adoption is an alternative to abortion. There are nearly thirty- six families wanting to adopt to every one child placed up for adoption (Abortion Education 1). No child is a mistake, there are families who can not have children of their own who would have loved and cherished a child that was aborted. These children that have been aborted could have been placed up for adoption and spent their lives in a home with people that will love them. The parents may have made a mistake and are not capable of properly raising a child at the time due to financial or health reasons. Adoption gives children a second chance at a good life, surrounded by people that love and care of them.

Abortion is wrong in so many ways. It is the taking of a human life that does not belong to you. It is the ending of something that God created to be unique and special. Look at the people that you love most in your life. What would your world be like if their parents had chosen to abort them? Nothing would be the same, everything would be different and the most important people in your life would not be there. Abortions are dangerous for the mother and lethal to the child. Babies should not be punished for the sins or their parents. They should be given the chance to live and change the world to be a better place.

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