Why Abortions Should Be Legal

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I think that all women should be able to get abortions because they have the basic right to make their own decisions. Women should be able to have control of their own body and by taking this away you are causing a “substantial burden on women’s rights states. Also to add on, when a women makes the decision to get an abortion the fetus cannot feel any pain while the woman is getting an abortion. If abortions were made illegal then there would be an increase on unsafe abortions and this could cause a lot of medical problems and mental health problems with the women becasue women who recive a good and safe abortion are less likley to suffer from mental health problems. Having abortions stay legal would be good for the individuals getting them and the common good because, a baby should not be coming into this world being unwanted, this would casue mental health issues for the women and the child. It could give them both a bad life and would most likely bring up crime rates and abusive parents even more than it is now.

Why abortions should be legal? Making abortions illegal goes against limmited government in a couple ways. Here’s a court case that I think is a good example of this, it takes place in Ohio. An 11-year-old girl in Ohio was allegedly raped by a 26-year-old multiple times, leaving her pregnant, according to police reports. A state law was about to be passed in April and it would make the women or little girls unable to get an abortion and they would have to give birth to their rapists child. The police reported that the little girl had “delinquent behaviors” but honestly can you blame her? She’s a child that got raped multiple times by a grown man, she’s probably confused about what’s going on and doesn’t know how to react. Also a child at that young of age could die if they went through with the pregnancy. More than 4,000 women were raped in Ohio in 2017, according to data compiled by the FBI. Of those, more than 800 victims were assaulted by a family member. If this law is passed can you imagine all of the women that would of had to have their rapists child and how they would feel everytime they looked at that kid and just saw the face of the person who assaulted them. If a woman were to get an abortion and it was illegal then you would be criminalizing a woman because she does not want to be pregnant. This goes against limited government because it’s not a choice that the government should be making for you, it would be impacting your life in so many ways.

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Making abortions illegal also goes against liberty because you should be able to make your own choices when it impacts your life and how you live. First of all, by making women follow through with an unwanted pregnancy you could be giving her and the child, mental health issues. With the woman knowing that she doesn’t want a kid would make it miserable for her to raise it and for this kid to grow up with the parent not wanting it. In addition, making abortions illegal would aslo drive people to preform unsafe abortions and that could casuse many other medical problems and mental health issues.

Now some people do use abortion as birth control. It would be a hard thing to stop but I think if there was a private record that got put together of everyone who has recived an abortion and having a legitamit reason for getting one then this may be able to bring the numbers down for unecessary abortions. Also, some think that if other people cannot have children then people should not be able to abort theirs but there’s honestly nothing that anyone can do about that unless they wanted to adopt. Just because someone cannot have kids doesn’t mean that someone who is not ready or doesn’t want them should have them it’s a choice you should get to make.

I think that abortions should be legal because it’s a womens right and she should be able to have control over her own body and her own life. Also, just because you make abortions illegal that doesn’t stop them from happening you just stop them from being safe and making them dangerous. To keep abortions legal and to make them legal in some states I would write a letter or send an email to the senete or the house. I would also like to go to the local planned parenthood and talk to some people first hand who may have experienced troubles with it and to know their point of view.  

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