The Techniques And Reasons For Procrastinating

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Procrastinating is a spreading problem nowadays and many people complain that they put off doing a job and fail as a result or do everything at the last moment. As we get older life becomes faster, time becomes less, and duties become more. We need to get used to this marathon and make decisions as fast as possible. As we have much to do sometimes we don’t have time to relax or think about some problems and their solutions and we just often do our job as robots without analyzing it. But naturally, people are keen on analyzing that’s why we find some ways just to stop and think about what we are doing even when we are so busy and there is a lot to finish in time. I have never thought about this issue before reading an interesting article. But after reading I understood that we put off doing a job due to some techniques and we do it for different reasons. And there are three main techniques that I use and three main reasons for procrastinating. There are many articles that discuss this issue. For example, the author of the article

“How to Put Off Doing a job” Andy Rooney says she can do everything to postpone her main job. Even in the shortest month, she has a lot of things to do that’s why the delay is actually all year long. She has found some ways to put back her job. For example, she does shopping and even buys useless things when she can’t find in the shop what she really needs. She also does housekeeping, remembers and contacts her friends, acquaintances just to procrastinate. One of the ways not to begin the job is thinking about it. Andy tries to find the best solution that is simple and effective. The author advices to do all the things mentioned above before starting your main job, otherwise, they can affect your concentration and effectiveness.

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As I am a human being as others I also have some procrastination techniques. One technique is very famous and I also often use it: Drinking coffee. I’m sure that coffee helps me to refresh my mind and concentrate. At the same time, I always think about some problems, plan the next day, dream, talk to me, etc. during drinking coffee. Another technique that I use if I’m at home is taking a bath. I strongly believe that it helps me to be cleanly prepared for an important task to do. Mainly I postpone doing my English classes as they need much concentration, much energy, time, and sometimes creativity for writing essays. Besides, sometimes I put off doing house cleaning due to the technique of “I’m tired, I need to have a nap”.

Procrastinating is not always done consciously. People can realize that they put off doing something but sometimes they procrastinate but think they just do what is more important at the moment. For example, instead of doing the home task, they cook an extra meal and convince themselves that it’s more important. There are many techniques to postpone some tasks and there are also many reasons for doing it. One of them is connected with emotions. People mostly procrastinate when the task or a job is not interesting, pleasant but boring or very difficult. The next reason is tiredness. Even if the task is very interesting people can’t enjoy it if they don’t have energy. And the third reason can be a fear of failure. When we do something that is going to be presented to others, to the boss or someone whose opinion is important we postpone doing a job because we are afraid of the result and their reactions.

In conclusion, people are very busy but as they are flexible they find some ways to turn over some tasks. One of them is procrastinating. It’s a spreading problem nowadays but people realize it when they face some problems because of postponing. As it’s hard to catch you every time when you procrastinate we do it very often. There are many techniques to put off doing a job or some tasks and everybody have their own ones. In short, there are psychological reasons for procrastinating and we do put off doing it in many different ways but it also helps not to do the task the time we must do without blaming us that we are lazy.

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