The Significance of D-day to Canada’s Development

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Have you ever heard about D-day? D-day was a battle that took place in WW2. The allies invaded the enemies on the beach on June 6, 1944. The place in which Canada mainly fought was between British forces, a place named Juno beach.

D-day was the sign of the world wars ended, in this brawl, they demonstrated their independence to the world by fighting in this battle, Canada displayed their bravery and died fighting as heroes.

Canada displayed their independence in this fight. The Canadians had organized their own battalion to send into D-day, making large impacts on the battlefront. Canada played its own role in the war by organizing battle strategies against german forces, working with the 3rd infantry division and 2nd infantry brigade of Canada, which was led by Major General Rod Keller. Canada was entrusted by the countries in the allied forces with a full battlefront to deal with, which showed the other allies that Canada is playing their part in the war. It also further strengthened trust among the allies during and after the war advanced the most inland to the important keypoint/base that Germany possessed. The Canadian soldiers progressed the most out of the 5 key points in the Normandy coasts on the first day, the battlefront they fought on was named Juno beach. Making this achievement on this key base led to moral becoming stable since the raid was very pricey to the mentality of many soldiers. Later on, this victory gave moral to the allies which caused the other war fronts to get in a favorable position and win as well.

Even though Juno beach was one of the hardest german bases to handle, Canada pulled through with endurance. The reef near the coasts proved to be very hard to maneuver through, this led to the Canadians taking heavy artillery fire. But persevering and waiting for Canadian reinforcements to bombard the beaches so they could advance. They held their ground and endured the pain for a better tomorrow. Even though the beach was hard to take over the battalion strategized and rushed the german base to successfully take over the site. This gave the battalion time to flank the other battlefronts, which greatly improved the success of D-day for allied forces.

In conclusion, Canada showed its independence by organizing and executing their own plans in a battlefront they managed. Canada made the most advancements on the first day of D-day. Even though Juno beach was a hard base to handle because of the reef, the Canadian battalion pulled through.

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Many brave soldiers were sacrificed on D-day. 14,000 were Canadians. They assaulted a beachfront code-named “Juno”. Multiple Canadians have either died, got wounded, or were captured for the cause of ending ww2 on D-day. 1,074 Canadians on the seaborne raid were injured and of those Canadians, 359 were killed. (Canadian encyclopedia 2006). The soldiers present on that day were brave, all of them knew it was a slim chance of surviving, but they still charged fearlessly and achieved many great outcomes through it. The Canadian soldiers were a demonstration to the world that they were brave, unflinching, and willing to sacrifice for the future.

Remembrance day exists because of D-day. If the soldiers did not halt german advancements and push them back, Germany would have taken over the world. Remembrance day couldn’t have existed if the allies did not retaliate back to Germany through a raid, which is why it is so significant because it is a lasting legacy. In which we respect the soldiers that have died with a moment of silence.

The soldiers in the front took all the shots for the backline. 10,000 allied casualties were made from rushing in, this was due to no cover in the open beach. On Normandy, the brave troops in the front shielded the backlines from bullets so they could advance further. The soldiers upfront took the damage so that everyone behind them could advance. Showing the bravery of Canadian soldiers, and their resolve to die for a greater cause of ending the war.

Many brave soldiers sacrificed their lives on D-day. For a greater chance that the war goes to the alliance’s favor. Remembrance day could not have existed if it weren’t for the war efforts of the soldiers on D-day. The soldiers which stood near the front of the boats would be mowed down leaving the rest of the troops to position themselves further in enemy territory.

D-day was the start of ww2’s end. The allied forces were getting ready for the last fight which was D-day. Higher-ups in the allied forces were preparing for a top-secret mission called operation overlord/Neptune. This was the biggest waterborne raid in all of history. This meant that the higher-ups of the allied forces were getting ready for the last stretch of the fight. Which would end WW2 and the lack of manpower in factories/ farms?

The end of D-day proved to be relieving to many high position officers in the allied forces. Since the axis could not retaliate on a larger scale, they had much less land making strategies for large scale attacks that have minimal usage. Since D-day was a sign that ww2 was about to end many people were being relieved hearing that Hitler was being pushed back tremendously because of the loss at Normandy.

Hitler was being pressed since he was fighting 2 war fronts. He had to strategize against the eastern and western fronts, causing massive stress on him. This also caused the german population to start questioning his plans quietly. Hitler being pressured was a good sign that the war was coming to an end which was very reassuring to many people in the world.

D-day was the sign of world war 2 endings because the allied forces were getting ready for their final fight which was the Normandy raid. The end of D-day was very stress relieving for many types of people such as civilians and even high positioned officers. Hitler was being pushed back and was at the brink of losing. D-day was the first sign of the WW2’s end, in this brawl, Canada displayed their bravery and died fighting as heroes, they also demonstrated their independence to the world by fighting in this battle and prevailing to stop axis forces.

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