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Mother Teresa has showed Persuasion and Influencing Skills. A good leader use a range of tools for this. Leader also need tools to help them understand the way that other behave and also create positive interactions or giving motivation to followers (Skills You Need Limited, 2019). Mother Teresa founded the order, The Missionaries of Charity, to look after abandoned babies and to help the poorest people, once saying that they “lived like animals but die like an angels” (BBC, 2016).

Mother Teresa has influence us by showing us how to treat others how we want to be treated. She also has showed us how to love another as much we love ourselves, and she has showed us not to give up easily by how she spent her life time working hard to help all those people and not once did she give up or doubt herself. Mother Teresa also showed us how to love ourselves and how to love others. Mother Teresa has influenced us in the way we treats others in our daily lives. She has showed us how to share, love, care and most of all give.

Besides, Mother Teresa also influenced us to help change the world so it can be a better and happier place. Mother Teresa has certainly influenced us in some ways that not many people have, she has showed us that it is important to give your all in everything you do and she taught us that no matter how big the task is, you can do it. She has showed us that even just one person, the power can change the world to become more peaceful (Roshan, 2017).

Besides, Mother Teresa also showed Communication Skills. There have few samples that shows Mother Teresa for communication skills. Mother Teresa reveals a different side of being a great communicators, and that is the ability to communicate through actions. She had a strong personality and she able to persuade the most difficult of politicians to see things her way. Mother Teresa could speak to anyone from politicians, dignitaries and world leaders to the poorest beggars in the street (Steven, 2015).

Through Mother Teresa’s words, people understand the power of words. Mother Teresa wrote a number of mediations and reflections. These help readers to gain a perspective on life and the world. Though communication, Mother Teresa has influenced many people who came to visit to help her cause. Some stayed and worked as she did and others provided support in other way. Mother Teresa also realised that if she wanted people around the world to achieve her aims, she has to stand up and let people to hear her message (Robert, 2001).

Mother Teresa’s leadership style is a Relationship Oriented, Situational Leader. Situational leadership is a leadership style, when the leader must adjust her style to fit the development level of the followers, she is trying to influence. With situational leadership, it is up to the leader to change her style, not the follower to adapt to the leader’s style (Joseph, 2003).

Mother Teresa helped people according to their situation. For example if they were starving, she would provide food for them, if they had no place to stay she would provide a home for them to stay. If they were sick, she took her time to study and practice medicine in order to heal them. If they get into troubles, she would find a solution to help them in some way else.

“Don’t wait for leaders, do it alone, person to person”, a quote from Mothers Teresa. She and her fellow sister did what was urgently needed. They were at home for the homeless, food for the hungry, provided medicines in the ailing company and the lonely (Michael, 2016). In order to help the people, Mother Teresa opened the first Home for the Dying in space made available by the city of Calcutta in 1952. She converted an abandoned Hindu temple into the Kalighat Home for the Dying, a free hospice for the poor with the help of Indians Officials. In 1955, she opened the Nirmala Shishu Bhavan, the Children’s Home of the perfect clean Heart as a heaven for orphans and homeless youth (The Asian Voice, 2016). Mother Teresa’s leadership style is not just applicable to managers, business leaders or professionals but also to life general.

From the cartoon, I have learnt that have faith in your ability to learn and do not afraid of failure. The second lesson that i learnt was always believed in yourself. Po, is the panda in the movie and he also as a leader. Before he becomes a leader, he has faced many difficulties. Po is unsure himself to fit into a new role. He refused to step out from his comfort zone and he think that he never be like Master Shifu.

At first, Po was anxious and worried when Master Shifu asked him to show the team what he is competent of. So his response was finding excuses for himself and told Master Shifu that he just ate and still digesting, his Kung Fu will not good as later on. Po has shows us how normal it is to feel nervous and unsure when you’re new to a role. By moving through your fears, and with deliberate practice and perseverance, you start to learn. In the third part of the series, Master Shifu has finished and hands over all the responsibility of teaching Kung Fu to Po, someone who has never taught anyone anything before, Po is the only one. In the beginning, Po has does a terrible job, he was creating some physical dangers to his team and also himself. He started doubts on himself and Master Shifu gives him some lessons that would help him eventually, train a whole Panda tribe. Discouraged, Po tells Master Shifu that he can’t teach. What is Shifu’s reply? He said, “If you only do what you can do, you will never be more than you are”.

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This is the essence of leadership. Treating people not as they are but as they have the potential to be. To believe in your team and inspire them to “be more”. One of a leader’s greatest talents should be the ability to see in the person what they don’t yet see in themselves (Peter, 2018).. Frustrated, Po is explaining to Master Shifu that he will never be like him. Master Shifu answered, “I am not trying to turn you into me. I am trying to turn you into you.”

Sometimes a leader would get caught in the trap of looking for someone just like him, more on their characteristics. We may said this before, “If only I can find someone, just like me”. A real leadership is about encouraging people to find their own strengths, thought, characteristics, it is not about fitting into a mole but creating their own mole (Schooley, 2019). Besides, Po is hesitant. He fails at his first class, and he starts doubt himself and keeps asking himself “Who am I ?” He wonders is he a dragon warrior, a teacher, a Chi Master, or a Panda? Master Shifu said to Po, “Your job as a leader is to make your tribe the best versions of themselves.”

Po has realises that he cannot fight alone, teamwork is always good and he is faced with the daunting task of teaching Kung Fu to the Pandas. However, instead of making all of the pandas to be like him, he explored their unique strengths, try to make them the best that they can be. A while, he does not give up and keeps working hard. And Master Shifu does not give up on him. Eventually, Po becomes a successful teacher. Po is fortunate to have Master Shifu. You always do better when you have someone who believes in you. And Po’s students are lucky to have Po. He is an empathic Panda. He remembers what it is like to be a student. He knows all too well what it is like to fail, and how it is an opportunity for learning and improving the skills you need to succeed.

A good leader may ask the question “Who am I?” But he only wonders, “am I a coach, manager, agony aunt, cheer leader, autocrat, democrat and so on?” A good leader spends a lot of time assessing their leadership styles, improving their leadership skills and what made them who they are (Alison, 2018). But eventually, in the last parts, Po has realises that he is all those things. Besides a dragon warrior, he also a teacher, a Chi Master, and most of all a Panda with two dads! A leader has many responsibilities, itjust depends on what the situation brings out. Leader are the sum total of his experiences, and as a leader, they need to embrace all the roles they play fully. Be yourself, and accept all parts of you as a leader (Warren, 2016).

If I was selected to be a leader, I may feel stress to carry a group of members. In Organizational leadership, leader will ease to get himself stress. As a leader, we have to inspire a clear mutual vision of what the organization should and could be, a clear vision that all members are committed to achieving, and a set of goals that guide members’ efforts. Leaders have more responsibilities than others to have a clearer vision on what to do and how to do. Thus, leader need to lead and give direction to the followers to achieve the goals. It is also a pressure when leaders is in a depressed mood but we still need to cheer the followers up and empowering members through teams.

Leaders is also human, as we may also experience ups and downs like others have, but we still have to be positive in front of our followers and not let them down. We have to increase members’ confidence that if they exert effort, they will be successful if the trust is broken, harsh feelings, Cristian, negative comments, and disrespect, productivity will suffer. So, as a leader, we also have to control our mood and this is a difficult challenge to a leader.

It is hard to keep a leader stay positive as always. We may be struggling in a problem and may release out negativity, but leader have to keep it behind. In Organizational leadership, leader may feel stress because they have to improve themselves always and lead by example by modelling the behaviours to the members of the organization, including teamwork and taking risks to increase expertise. It is a stress to become a role model as there are many people are looking at you and focusing on your behaviours. Leader have to speak coherently about their vision and values and make their actions congruent with their words, so they have to be aware of what they say and also their actions. If I was a leader, this definitely would stress me out.

Leader have to be a role model especially taking on challenging tasks, failing, learning from mistakes and trying again. Besides, leader in Organizational leadership also need to encourage the hearts of members to persist and keep striving when work gets difficult. Leader also need to inspire staff members by giving them the courage and hope to continue the quest by recognising individual contributions to the common vision. This is not a easy and simple jobs, leader have to take care of their members in psychological issue and they have to take it very serious. This may bring leader to another stress level.

There are two main points involved in Organizational leadership, one of them is the communication between leaders and employees. Communication is a tool for individual to send a message and interface with one another, with groups, and with the rest of the world. As a leader, he has to communicate effectively with his employees, giving them advices, directions, set goals for them and achieve together. A leader have to lead himself, only then he can lead others (Prachi, 2001). A leader must inspire the employees as well as he also need to motivate them so that they can committed to the organization. He should be well familiar and understanding with them, concerns for them and encourage them to take initiatives. This will result in more efficient and effective employees and ensure organization success. In Organizational leadership, understanding someone’s worldview, values, assumptions, beliefs, expectations has enables leaders to acknowledge but look past differences, focus on areas of agreement, and to effectively listen for and hear the messages of others. An organization with leaders who are skilful enough to communicate responsively and frequently with employees will help to encourage business partner and customers as well to trust on the organization. This would bring a organization a big benefit.

Besides, a true leaders always have to communicate the rules clearly to his team and should follow those rules himself, which he expect to be followed by his team before, he has to do it himself as a role model. A good and effective communication by leaders have to be clear, brief enough and also he should value thoughts, ideas and feeling of others. An excellent leadership required to admire all cultures, knowledge, education, moral values, different demographics and communication inclinations (Luther, 2015).

The second main point involves in Organizational leadership is work as a team but not individual. Teamwork has promote collaboration, commitment, motivation and accountability among stuff or organizational members. Imposing team responsibilities helps increase individual strength and reduces or eliminates certain lower levels of management (Suremdra, 2015). Teamwork could enable us to accomplish all the tasks more faster and more efficiently than tackling projects individually. Teamwork also could reduce the work pressure of every worker. Organizational leadership emphasise leader to work with his followers, besides, give advices and leading the team to a greater achievement.

Teamwork’s very important in Organizational leadership as we can see in real life example, group assignment. We do separate the work into few parts and each of the members take their own parts. Leader will set a time limit for them to handing the tasks before assign to lecturer. After finish their parts, the leader will combine all the tasks and checking the assignment together with group members. If there have any problems, they will discuss together and have a decide whether to change the answer or not. This has showed teamwork in Organizational leadership.

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