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Living and Working Conditions During The Industrial Revolution

Introduction The 18th-century Industrial Revolution in Great Britain marked a profound shift in society, transitioning from an agrarian-based economy to an industrial one. The advent of powered machines and mass production revolutionized manufacturing, leading to an influx of people from rural areas to burgeoning urban...

How British Industrial Revolution Changed the World

Starting in the late 18th century, several major revolutions would take place in Western Europe. The French Revolution would play a major role in altering the political structure of France. Not long after, revolutionary principles began to spread throughout the rest of Europe. However, during...

The Impact of British Industrial Revolution on the Quality of Laborers' Life

The high supply of unskilled labor in the urban centers helped to keep wages profitably low for the factory owners that demanded their employment. Capital was highly mobile as the the working class was on a subsistence level and could not afford to own their...

Advantages and Disadvantages of Jeremy Bentham's Idea of Utilitarianism

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In the 1800s the industrial revolution caused many people to reconsider the laws that were introduced to society. One of the people who wanted change was an English Philosopher named Jeremy Bentham. His views on the law came from this industrial revolution in the 18th...

Disintegrating Impacts of Industry On the Countryside In 'Sons and Lovers'

D. H. Lawrence lived in a time when British society was experiencing a significant change as a result of the industrial revolution. Thus, the novel, in addition to its autobiographical bearing, traces the disintegrating impacts of industry on the easy-going life of the countryside. To...

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