Essay Samples on Mongolia

Tradition of Mongolian Tribes in Mongolia

To reach tribes in Mongolia, we have had to travel over the Eurasian Steppe. The Steppe spans thousands of kilometers, from Eastern Europe all the way to Manchuria. The tribes are located almost 500 meters above sea level and are surrounded by mountain ranges. This…

The Foreign Tourists’ Behavior in Mongolia 

The number of foreign tourists arriving in Mongolia by the end of 2017 has increased by 71,750 of 13.21 percent compared to 2016, and the number of tourists increased by 66,938 or 14.21 percent. In addition, the number of tourists from 15 countries is 4.9…

The Asian-Pacific Influence on Mongolia

Mongolia is a country located between two great powers Russia and China. This is a unique positioning in the international affairs arena, which requires it’s foreign and security policies to be balanced with its two neighbors and countries beyond. Therefore, Mongolia does not face immediate…

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