The Foreign Tourists’ Behavior in Mongolia 

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The number of foreign tourists arriving in Mongolia by the end of 2017 has increased by 71,750 of 13.21 percent compared to 2016, and the number of tourists increased by 66,938 or 14.21 percent. In addition, the number of tourists from 15 countries is 4.9 to 23.2 percent, while tourists from Britain, Turkey and Ukraine declined. In 2017, a total of 471,094 tourists arrived. The number of tourists from Asia is the first place in the list of tourists coming to Mongolia, but the most important market for holiday tourism revenue is Europe.The market has declined in 2013 to 2015,due to the economic crisis. Despite no negative impact on the number of tourists, some tour operators reported a drop of up to 40 percent in 2013 to 2015. (Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism, 2017).

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The day-to-day life of the whole world has developed.The number of tourists who are increasingly interested in getting a special feeling of nomadic cultureIt is possible to see advancing pressure in advance, minimizing, and preventing negative consequences.Tourists who are attracted the knowledge of nature based on their nomadic lifestyle and it is still useful in present.Because you can still enjoy the lifestyle that has been passed through centuries and can give you a positive feeling of satisfaction.Tourists who visit our country are very satisfied above the issues.

But there are some disadvantages. Tourists who are not satisfied with the Travel will have negative feelings, and the tourists will be less likely to come to visit again Mongolia. The most important feature of the tourism industry is the quality of the trip once the tour is finally made. It is clear that the person is satisfied with the small things. The main tourism products of Mongolia is the natural beauty, the diversity of rare species, plants, the people of Mongolia, the unique habits of life and cultural and archaeological significance is the most expected travel cause.

The problem is that the traveler will be impressed by the memory. There is no objective things to recall that trip experience. Depending on the satisfaction of the product, the demand for the product may occur in this issue. Development key element is to connect the tourist with that product or service bridging becomes a pillar.It is important to provide efficient way to meet the tourists wants that would be cause of motivation to visit again for Mongolia. In 2015, the survey of the Mongolian Sustainable Tourism Development Center stated the historical environment, training heritage cultures were the most impressionable experience that they make an evidence as taking home as a objects format.

That is why tourism sector has subsidiary industry which is called Souvenir market. It is support to create the travel value which is taken from visited place. In case of Mongolian tourism industry we doesn’t have enough fresh theme on souvenir which is to match the core travel satisfaction. Even we would took tourists attention and they satisfied the travel. It is temporary which means there is no efficiency. Tourists prefers from the Souvenir market they could find the specific goods. In Mongolia, scale of Souvenir industry had wide range. But there has still shortage of goods which is need to provide the customer satisfaction. In other words, this master thesis tend to investigate on tourists behavior and motivation of travel again. By tourists intended purchase while collecting travel experiences that satisfied in long term to evaluating an entrepreneurial business opportunity for a new comer may have a better chance than established companies.

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