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Significant Number of Inquiries in The Man in the High Castle

For David Scarpa, who went ahead as showrunner for this last hoorah, these ten outstanding scenes were tied in with keeping with the 'focal topic' that goes through the creator's works, 'which is that there is no target reality and, when you understand that, at...

The Man in The High Castle: About One of the Most Popular Amazon's Original Series

One of Amazon's most-viewed original series ever has been canceled. The Television series, The Man in the High Castle, an adaptation of Philip K. Dick's novel has so far had a successful running time. With three seasons released since 2015, each with ten episodes, the...

Genocide of Life and Culture in Patagonia Desert

Genocide, in which mass amounts of a specific group of people are killed, and cultural genocide, in which the culture of a group is forced in extinction, often arises from violent conflicts that typically have at least one of two main factors driving them: religion...

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