The Impact of iPhones Applications on Health and Education

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In 2007, Steve jobs launch the first iPhone and from that day onwards, they have been making ground breaking changes to both the business and health world. One company deploying has said “The iPhone is not a game changer, it’s an industry changer. It change the way how you can interact with your customers and suppliers” (laudon, 2014). This statement implies that iphone’s don’t only help you to stay in contact with friends and family but it helps to develop and evolves better industries. “A bold way to look at your health” (Apple, 2018). Apple invented a build in app on iPhones called Health that makes it easy for consumers to learn about their health and start reaching their goals (Apple, 2018). The application uses the interaction customers have with their phones to better monitor their medical lives. Apple updated the health app in 2018 to allow patients’ medical records from their various care providers to be easily accessed at any time (ProQuest Central, 2018).

Instead of patients having to login manually to each of their health care providers records, they would have all of their medical records at their fingertips (ProQuest Central, 2018). This is innovative because if you decide to see a different care providers your previous medical information would be available to them and they can use this information to better treat you. The disadvantages of this application is that persons who are not iOS users cannot access these features. It can allow be a disadvantage because if some hacks into an individual’s phone they would also have access to the patient important medical files and can use the information in a mischievous manner. This can be unsafe because medical information is very important and in the wrong hands can cause some serious distress. This application is not only a game changer but and industry changer because it is ever evolving and apple is finding new innovate ways to help the health industry and more importantly their consumers’ medical life. Education is the portal to life, it help individuals to advance and better themselves.

A free application called Edmodo would further expand your horizon which is found on iPhones. Edmodo is “a global educational network that connects learners with people and resources to reach their full potential” (edmodo, 2018). Edmodo helps with collaborative learning and can be accessed anywhere. (fryer, 2016) States that 26% of student thought social media would help with work but after the students used the Edmodo application the percentage significantly changed to 80%. The increase shows that Edmodo app rally help the students with collaborative learning (fryer, 2016). The students also said that they liked the fact that teachers could upload lesson resources because being able to check detail to instructions made homework easier (fryer, 2016). Edmodo along with iPhone have impacted the lives of many teachers and student, they have made it easier for teachers to broaden their teaching abilities and gives students access to more speaclised experts. Edmodo is a good way to enhance education, considering that the world is becoming more technology driven. There are some disadvantages. If an individual did not have internet access they would not be able to get any work done and it may take long to get a responses from peers and teachers (Bayne).

From the first launch of the iPhone, Apple has made an imprint on both health and education industries and keeps making deviations to this day. The applications Health and Edmodo do show iPhone is making it changes to these industries. Health by allowing customers to access the medical records from various care provider and Edmodo by helping with collaborative learning. With these applications and more Apple (iPhone) continues to impact industries around the world.

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