The Bucket List Activities to Complete in Vienne

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Viena is the capital of Austria and a home to nearly one third of the county’s population. Vieana is one of those “must see” cities on every travelers agenda as with its cultural heritage is one of the most refine cities in Europe. Vienna is ranked among the most-lively cities in Europe and no wonder as its warm and friendly charm, appeals to all types of travelers. So whether you are looking to explore the stunning palaces, museums and historic buildings or enjoy a cup of coffee on some of the most world renowned squares, Vienna presents the perfect opportunity for a wide range of things to do.

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Schonbrunn Pallace

This colossal yellow palace is undoubtly one of the greatest castles of Europe, constracted renovated and added on to by members of the Habsburg line it ultimately achieved the state we can view it in today, durring the rain of Austria beloved Empress Maria Theresa in the 1700. It has more than a thousand rooms and wondering Schondrunn is like entering a time caples from the past, so mind blowing it is difficult to comprehend. The seemingly endless grounds are equally dizzying. Pallace is also home to huge gardens which is equally breathtaking as the palace it self, and then there is the roof featuring domes and miniatures to look as though the entire city of Istanbul were perched to top it.


One thing Vienna is renowned for it its vast varey off coffee houses, a cornerstone of the city’s intelctual scenes for centuries. Rather than a convenient stop to feed in for a quick fix espresso, the typical Viennese coffee houses as are known its more suited for lingering over a long period of time. The baroque and grand café central is where most travelers take a table, for a more laid-back experience try the favorite of the father of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud, the discreet and subdued caffee landtmann. Recommended is the mélange a Viennese specialty, somewhere between a latte and cappuccino possibly topped of with a Sachertorte, Viennas famouse chocolate cake.

Classical Recitals

With Austria being the home of Mozzart Straus classical music virtually leaches from the streets of Vienna. The are many fine establishments at which to hear recitals from any number of Viennas great classical music ensembles, in fact there is virtually performances at any night of the year. The elegant Neo-Romantic Vienna State Oprah has an enormous 2300 seat concert hall, there are also numerous independently run recital halls for smaller performances such as Quartets. Music in Vienna is a must.

Josephinum Anatomical Display

Vienna can be a eccentric as well as refined and this attraction certainly tends towards the quickly it is based renowned Vienna School of Surgeons founded in 1782 and known to the Viennese as the Josephenum. Open to the public is the display of medical malleolus or Anatomical Wax models, apparently the largest in the world, not a sights for the faint hearted, the models are eerily real and in various stages of a vivisection it is however fascinating and perhaps more than any other attraction reflects the cutting edge of intelectiolisam so much a part of Viennas life.

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