The Analysis Of Small World Machines Advertisement

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Advertisement becomes an important role in this modern era. Advertisement is a way to promote the company’s product and services. Most of the big firms create their brand image through the advertisement. In this paper, I am going to analyze the Coca Cola advertisement and the name of this advertisement is “Small World Machines”. The theme of this advertisement was to “Bringing India and Pakistan Together”. They used all the social platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Flickr, and many more. This ad was created in March 2013 to break the barriers between people of both countries and to make the bond between the people of these countries.

Analysis of advertisement

Dispensing Happiness Coca Cola is very notable for its soda pops about as much as its social campaigns. Toward the start of 2009 Coca Cola propelled ‘Open Happiness’, an all-around coordinated publicizing effort. The battle was propelled with the target of expanding offers of soda pops of the Coca Cola Company. With the world monetary subsidence in mid-2008, the economy was backing off soda pop deals, the ‘Open Happiness’ battle welcomed individuals around the globe to explore themselves with a Coke and keep on getting a charge out of the basic joys of life. Today Open Happiness has turned out to be similar to trademark for Coca Cola. Many sub task and battles have since propelled. In March 2013 Coca-Cola set out to separate obstructions and make a straightforward snapshot of association between two countries, India and Pakistan. The activity ‘Little World Machines’ gave an ongoing interchanges entry between individuals in India and Pakistan and demonstrated that what joins us is more grounded than what separates us. The way to connecting with one another through the machines was straightforward: individuals in India and Pakistan could total an undertaking, such as contacting hands, drawing harmony, love, and satisfaction images – together (Coca Cola, 2013). What’s more, toward the end they can a Coca Cola together and share the joy. The Small World Machines battle is about discretion another sort of tact, social strategy. It is tied in with separating obstructions and making straightforward snapshots of associations between individuals of contention.

As indicated by Stephen Voltz and Fritz Grobe in their book The Viral Video Manifesto, there are four principles to accomplishing an effective social campaigns, Coca Cola’s SMW advertisement addresses every one of the four rules (2012).

  1. Be valid: the battle is unmistakably genuine, the feelings are genuine and it concerns a genuine clash (India – Pakistan grieved relations).
  2. Try not to waste my time: the conflict among India and Pakistan is as yet important today, and the video comes to the heart of the matter rapidly. Coca Cola have Indians and Pakistanis describe message of the business and feeling. The video length of a promoting effort is imperative, as the diagram brings up as the length of video increment association or viewership is diminished. Be that as it may, it depends what sort of video content it is. The more profound you dive into the information it get progressively entangled. Expressly like numerous who remarked I viewed the video in excess of multiple times the message is wonderful and conveys tears of joy to one’s eyes. I figure it would have been hard to decrease the message to littler period of time without giving it equity. (Hornung, 2014)
  3. Be remarkable: Coca Cola set out to accomplish something else, their utilization of Interactive Coca Cola candy machines to unite two clashing countries over beverage of Coke is really something extraordinary and uncommon. The caught the minute with every one of the feelings satisfaction and energy.
  4. It’s about humankind: Emotional association is the way to sharing. The enthusiastic association we see from individuals in India and Pakistan of any age cooperating together and sharing grins and satisfaction is certifiable. Everybody can identify with that. It absolutely reestablished my confidence in humankind.

Analysis based on high context culture and low context culture

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In the high context culture, it is viewed that people are deeply connected with each other. When it to the human relations, they strongly get emotionally attached to each other and the social hierarchy exists. Their inner emotions are influenced and it is controlled by themselves. In the Coca-Cola advertisement, people of both countries (India and Pakistan) got influenced and participated in that social campaigns. In the starting of the ad, it is shown that people are attached towards each other but they political parties make them rivalries. In this context, people connote their expressions and feelings through a screen.

In the low context culture, individuals are exceedingly individualized, and there is generally little contribution with others, bringing about the next to social hierarchy or society forcing on the people’s lives. In the advertisement, the communication was indirect and more explicit. Coca-Cola making them connected even they cannot see each other and this was impacted on their social lives. In this context, people denote their feelings in the very starting of the advertisement verbally and showed their expressions.


The advertisement “Small World Machines” main aim was to unite the both nation which the political parties cannot. It makes the both nation equal in terms of race and promote harmony. It promotes the positivity and dispute the negativity which is due to the wars and political issues. This advertisement made success by evoking patriotism between India and Pakistan.    

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