The Honest Ads Act In The United States

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In the US, Senators have suggested the Honest Ads Act, even as they study other procedures. Those who play out political advertisements on television, radio or print are required to reveal who funded the advertisement. This recommended Act seeks to level the playing arena for billboards taken online. It will have need of digital companies to take periods to announce information on who was directed by the ads and the purchasers of the advertisements.

Efforts by technology companies are also vital in speaking the encounters. Facebook for example, has used artificial intelligence to distinguish and obliterate bots, fake accounts and pages. This led to the removal of 30,000 Facebook accounts during the French Presidential Election. Facebook has initiated posting “related articles” below news links to stories that are doubted to be false news. This allows users to achieve more context to a story.

Google too has taken measure to adjust its search ranking systems to prevent falsehoods from incoming the top results for specific search terms. Google and Facebook also ban sites that sell false stories from their advertising networks.

Singaporeans hold a wide range of sentiments and perspectives on a diversity of issues on education, housing, transport, healthcare, or politics. These concerns are close to Singaporeans’ hearts. Dialogue and dispute on these matters take place openly. Such dynamic exchange informs Singaporeans and enables us to definite views on matters of national interest, and to shape the path of the nation.

It is important that such dissertation and debate be open, and not be based on deliberate falsehoods. We should guard against developments that can undermine, discredit, or debase such debate and discourse. The broadcasting of deliberate falsehoods, particularly if this is done covertly, attacks the very heart of democracy. It strives for to mislead, to crowd out truth, and avoid constructive debate and discourse. If this is allowed unconstrained, people’s faith in the country, democracy, and its institutions will be destabilized.

It is also important to ensure that discussions and debates on national issues take place free of foreign intervention. We should acquire from the experiences of other countries, and employ others who have different perspectives and views. But we cannot permit ourselves to be covertly influenced by others, and it must also be clear that after all the deliberations, Singapore’s future must be decided by Singaporeans alone.

Online falsehoods pose genuine and solemn challenges. The occurrences around the world validate the serious nature of the issues. Singapore should not wait for an incident to occur. We have to learn from the experiences of other countries what the risks are, and what can be done about them. We should be equipped ahead of time. There needs to be a widespread discussion about our reaction to these challenges as a country and a civilization.

The Government therefore proposes to ask Parliament to employ a Select Committee to observe and statement on, the occurrence of using digital technology to intentionally spread falsehoods online, the stimuluses and motives for the spreading of such falsehoods, and the types of personages and entities, both local and foreign, which contribute in such activity, the magnitudes that the spread of online falsehoods can have on Singapore society, comprising to our institutions and democratic developments and how Singapore can prevent and fight online falsehoods, including: The philosophies that should guide Singapore’s rejoinder and any unambiguous measures, together with legislation, that should be taken.

The public will be invited to make compliances to the Select Committee on these matters, once Parliament favors the establishment of the Handpicked Board. The Handpicked Committee can also hold civic enquiries, to engross in-depth with spectators on crucial disputes.

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