Should Artists Music Be Used in Advertisements

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Music should definitely be used in advertisements because it creates appealing commercials, it supports a musician’s growing career, and it benefits the sales of a corporation.

First of all, music in advertisements displays a fully pleasing commercial. In other words, music has potential to give either a positive or negative vibe to an advertisement. Interpreted by the viewer, the music blended with the graphic effects of the commercial creates an attractive setting for the product. Dull commercials lacking any sort of “wow factor” cannot be released to the public- society enjoys excitement and energy, which is exactly what music in an advertisement can provide. Music that sets the perfect tone for the commercial can also evoke a certain feeling in a viewer. For example, commercials with suspenseful music in the background of a clip of a speeding car would most likely make a person feel invigorated or even anxious. These examples prove that a well-chosen song presented in a commercial not only advertises the product in the best way but also assists in relating to customers’ feelings and needs.

Not only does music in advertising make for a great commercial, it also benefits the career of a growing musician or group. An ideal advertisement, previously described, creates buzz about nationally ranked products and even exhibits fresh new music for thousands to listen to. According to The Changing Landscape of the Music Business, these types of endorsements give “smaller artists a chance for their music to get heard by a wider audience”. It seems as if this generation endlessly searches for new music from interesting bands. Popular forms of entertainment, such as televised programs accompanied by commercials can easily spread the word of the latest modern music from an unfamiliar band. Musicians who agree to sponsorship, in a way, receive full support from that company, which could contribute to the building of their career. The New Necessity in the Music Business explains “A corporation… can make the difference between artists growing their careers, or completely giving up on… music”. The sources above expound upon the opportunities that bands receive when their newest song becomes advertised for a large audience. A simple contract with an enormous corporation could supply aspiring musicians with global attention and backup from trusted businesses.

One of the most obvious reasons for including music in advertising is the beneficial impact of the commercial’s effect on the audience, which results in major sales for a business. Using well-known songs can make the product more memorable for the viewer. Catchy jingles or short pieces of music register in people’s minds quickly. Such musical appeal assures that the customer often reminds themself of the product when shopping. Brands also become relatable when a certain song plays in their commercial. Those who favor classic 20th century music might find a brand who plays that genre of music in their endorsements appealing. While this point may not seem as significant, companies want their customers to fully notice their newest products and spend their money to purchase them. These same companies have found that songs by beloved artists can, in fact, motivate buyers to support their business.

Many sources believe that commercializing music has many downsides, including the outcome of the way that songs are endorsed in the ad. Darrius Johnson, author of Selling Out Not Worth the Risk, makes an excellent point by saying that “a record label owns the rights…to license a song to company or other party”. He later states that corporations use these songs however they feel fit, even if the original artist doesn’t feel the same way. However, when licensed and presented correctly, songs can have a special impact on a customer that other types of media could not contribute.  

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