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Factors That Influence the Decision of Sharing Knowledge

During the time spent data sharing, individuals fill in as learning generator and data receptor. Individuals make learning by exchanging their musings and experience through socialization. As a receptor of data individuals search for and interpret the learning before it is traded to any store...

Sharing the Good News of God's Love

Suppose a homeless person comes up to you for a dollar, saying that he wants to go and buy food at the nearby convenience store. Would you just act completely oblivious and pretend to look at the time on your phone? Would you make the...

Benefits of Different Approaches of Knowledge Sharing

However, the process of sharing knowledge in contemporary organizations is not always simple. Organizations face different obstacles that influence knowledge sharing, thus organizations should play an important role in promoting knowledge sharing strategies. For this purpose I have chosen to examine some of the factors...

The Importance of Knowledge Sharing in Modern World

In the twenty first century, the world economy is being reshapes in a fundamental manner than in any other time in human history through the application of information and communication technology (ICT). The heart of these changes places into managing the intellectual capital and knowledge...

Bicycle-Sharing Pooling Services: An Android Application

Abstract In recent years, bicycle-sharing systems have been widely deployed in many big cities, which provide an economical and healthy lifestyle. Bicycles are often advantageous compared to smoky vehicles, e.g. it can be used as a government program for reducing carbon emissions as well as...

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