Secluding Yourself: Getting Lost in the Woods

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As my eyes slowly begin to open towards the sun gleaming through my windows, I hear a muffled yell from my mom, “Time to get up, breakfast is ready!” I hesitate only for a moment, the smell of Maine blueberry pancakes seeps through my door, just the motivation I needed to get out of bed. As I sit there finishing the last few bites of my ever so delicious pancakes, I look out the window to a beautiful view of the lake and saw a bird diving in for his first meal of the day just like me. Where I live there is an ever so wonderful abundance of nature, a place where society's injustice can’t be seen or heard; the interconnection you receive while living in the heart of the environment is ever so sensational. There’s no other place I’d rather call home, life can’t get any better than this.

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“It is in the still silence of nature where one will find true bliss.” Quoted by J.J.C. My favorite part about living in the woods is being encompassed by nature, every day is a sweet escape. How am I so lucky to see this much of Mother Nature by just walking out my door? Our little wooden house is surrounded by massive trees filled with hundreds of harmonizing birds. There isn’t a week that goes by without seeing deer strolling through for a drink at the water’s edge, and during the spring the same deer come back with their spotted little fawns. Bear cubs running around with their moms and learning how to climb trees for the very first time, right in our backyard. Whenever I want to go for a swim, I have the whole lake as my swimming pool, and the nights are filled with peaceful silence; stargazing and bonfires, sometimes you’ll get the chance to hear owls hooting all night. Nothing is more beautiful than the loveliness of woods and it’s nature.

Disconnecting ourselves from society has been a whole new change in my life. All of the loud commotions have disappeared from the distance between us and society. The loud honks, traffic, and nauseating people have vanished. The trees circling our house is like an invisible wall, separating us from the stress that lies behind them. My family and I can truly enjoy our peaceful abode, we can sit outside without people driving by and seeing us; take a bike ride through a beautiful trail that starts in our backyard and leads to a hidden farm, surrounded by a fence and filled with so many stunning horses. My two little brothers and I always feed the horses with tall green grass that runs all along the outside of the fence; sometimes we bring them any carrots that are left at home. A long-term study conducted by Max Planck Institute for Human Development states that “It’s been confirmed many times that humans are better able to cope with chronic stress and are happier when connected with nature,” ( “There is no WiFi connection in the forest, but you will find a better connection.”

Ever since we’ve moved into this house, my mind has grown so much stronger. I’ve started waking up in the mornings and going right outside to do some relaxing yoga and meditations. I feel as if I’ve connected with myself and nature. I love it so much because there are also so many beautiful views that I encounter every day. Looking at the sunrise over the lake that leaves a reflection off of the still, calm water; vibrant birds fly down to take their morning baths, leaving ripple effects off the water. Breathing in the fresh air instead of the gas pouring out of all the cities. We have the most perfect climbing tree in our backyard that can bring you up to the top for a breathless overview of the whole lake, surrounded by huge green trees. It feels as if you’re looking at a perfect lake getaway trip on google images. My days end with so much peace that I’m always in a sweet free state of mind.

Not everyone is as lucky as my family and I, if anyone ever gets the chance to move further away from the city, they should do it in a heartbeat, because we all truly live happier lives now. Our love for the environment has grown tremendously, every day when we see animals running around our yard, it brings in so much peace because we know that we’re safe and so are they. It’s sheer bliss to live in such an extraordinary home when there’s so much bad in the world. We’ve all become so much closer, no one is ever really stressed out anymore; except for when the bears and raccoons get into our trash, but even then we laugh it out because that’s the only problem we have to deal with. We get to slow down and enjoy the simple little things in life. Our minds are free, there are so much positivity and love that I don’t ever want to live any other way.

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