School Shootings: Should Parents Be Charged For Failing To Lock

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Every day 32 Americans are killed by a gun. Your neighbor could be that child that walks into a school and shoots your child because we didn’t watch our concern. As a whole we did nothing to change the problem. So, what exactly is gun control and how can it help us. Today I will discuss some reasonable, rational, and control over emotions and behavior of teens, if parents should be in charged for failing to lock up gun used from their kids?

Gun control set of laws or policies that regulate the manufacture, sale, transfer, possession, modification, or use of firearms by civilians. Most basic difference between the way those who are anti-guns and those who are pro-guns see the world. The former see other people are generally irresponsible, emotionally labile, unable to behave rationally, and likely to snap under stress. Pro-guns folks see ordinary people as generally reasonable, rational, and able to control their emotions and behavior, even under stress. Are they controlling emotions and behavior?

Let’s not face no emotion over the Florida School Shooting. The horrific school shooting was hard for Nikolas Cruz which he killed 17 people at Douglas High School in Parkland Florida. He is facing the death penalty including the death of his parents and his penchant for killing animals. He bought the AR-15 allegedly used in the Florida school shooting “to feel safe”. Mr. Cruz wanted to died from drinking because he felt lonely with an over counter reliever after his mom’s death. Guns can easily be damaged by bullets and can be dangerous to kids. Most parents keep a gun at home and every year, they are used for killing and injure thousands of Americans.

There are ways to protect your kids for being hurt or killed; they are to stop what they are doing, don’t touch the gun, leave where the gun is, and tell an adult right away. If you end up keeping the weapon, make sure you keep the gun unloaded and locked up in a cabinet, safe, gun vault, or storage case. It’s likely the gun will deflect the bullet and the gun will not be so damaged it won’t work, but depending upon where the gun is hit, it can be damaged but, shooting rifles when trying to relieve stress is that it forces you to slow down and breathe. If you let your child or teen use a gun for recreation, make sure the firearm is unloaded and locked up including the bullets separately. Be sure your child or teen assumes the gun is loaded but never to point at someone with it. Teach them to be an example for their own safety. What else, most people keep a weapon at home to protect their family from aт intruder. A gun can kill you by a teen or adult pulling a triggered, depression, suicide, an argument getting out of control, family, or friend is mistaken by an intruder.

In the article School Shootings: “Should Parents Be Charged for Failing to Lock up Guns Used by their Their Kids” by John Woodrow Cox and Steven Rich explains school shootings, and gun control. About two-thirds of school shootings has happened in the past two decades but adults or teens are locked up in jail for killing a individual or shooting up a public setting. So remember this, the best way to prevent a gun is to never have one in the first place and avoid it and if do carry one, make sure to locked it up where your teen or kid can’t reach it.

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