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The Main Causes of the Revolt of 1857 and Its Impact on Indian History

The Revolt of 1857 stands as a significant landmark in Indian history. While Indian Nationalism began to take shape as a national movement during the latter part of the 19th century, its earliest seeds were sown at the beginning of the 19th century. Before delving...

The History of Modern India: The Revolt of 1857 and Raising Nationalism

India is one of the world fastest growing economies. It has the world’s second largest population. It has the potential to become world’s superpower. India has transformed a lot in past few decades but all these achievements are possible due to that one fateful day....

Swadeshi Movement: The Rise of Indian Nationalism

According to Müller Jan-Werner populism is described to be anti- elitism and anti- pluralism. (Plagemann, Destradi, 2019). This leads to the formation of two groups one where the ‘people’ are the victims and the other where the ‘elite’ are evil typically representing the government establishment....

Discussion on the Ethics of the Colonial Drug Trade

Introduction Talking about the colonial drug trade Arabs and local doctors utilized opium in the British East India Company. British started its drug trade journey in Bengal. Farmers of poppy economic condition became worse by opium monopoly. Social issues represented eventual incident of 1857 as...

The History and Causes of The Indian Revolt of 1857

Introduction Nationalism is a cutting edge development. From the beginning of time individuals have been appended to their local soil, to the conventions of their kin, at the set up regional experts; and before the finish of the eighteenth century that nationalism turned into an...

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