Pros and Cons Paper: The Roe v. Wade Case on Abortion Rights

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Introduction: Overview and Summary Statements

The controversial culture war on abortion refers to the government’s recent decisions to overthrow the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling. The Roe v. Wade Supreme Court Case addressed states that banned abortions because they were unconstitutional and that women should be able to request an abortion if they choose. Since the Roe v. Wade case was settled, there have been many opinions about the pros and cons of abortions, but the main debate is whether women should have the right to choose if they want to terminate their pregnancy. Advocates or “pro-choice” groups insist that it is absolutely a women’s choice to have an abortion, and everyone should be able to have the right to have a safe and legal procedure. On the contrary, critics or “pro-life” groups state that the legalization of abortion would make it acceptable and promote murder to preborn children, who in the womb, are already living and deserve basic human rights.

The Voice of the Pro Advocates

“Come on ladies, the government thinks they can control us but let’s show them that we have a right to choose”. Abortion is a “fundamental right” given to women. Women have the right to have or not to have children, including abortion as provided by the U.S. Constitution’s fourteenth amendment. The fourteen amendment protects a pregnant woman's liberty to choose whether or not to have an abortion. Women should always have access to safe and legal abortion procedures, no matter the situation. Planned Parenthood reported that abortion is just a form of health care, just like doctor’s appointments and necessary surgeries. But before abortion was legal, illegal abortions were very common. Women would perform abortions on themselves and hurt themselves in the process. Some would go in back alleys and use items like hangers to complete the procedure. As recently as the 1930s, it was documented that 2,700 women had died due to illegal abortions. But after Roe v. Wade was passed and abortions were obtainable nationwide, those numbers dropped significantly. But still, after abortions were legal, there were many maternal deaths caused by illegal abortions in places that are in poverty, to women in minorities, and women who don’t have access to safe abortion procedures. But if abortions are more accessible and legal these deaths can be avoided.

In the early stages of pregnancy, abortion should not be considered murder in any form. Abortion is the termination of pregnancy not of a physical living being. Research has proven that although the baby may start to develop limbs, the baby does not feel pain and is unconscious during an abortion procedure. In addition, the fetus is not counted as a person until it is able to survive outside the womb successfully, not when the baby is conceived. The U.S. Census Bureau survey is required by law, but according to census guidelines, a fetus is not counted in the survey because it is not considered a person until it is out of the womb. Women all over the world get abortions. But many of these women are economically disadvantaged and minorities. If Roe v. Wade is overturned many of these women cannot afford to travel to other states to get a safe, legal abortion. But most importantly, these women cannot afford to have a child and raise/care for them successfully in the conditions they are currently living in. What good does it do to force a woman to have a child that she knows she cannot properly feed, educated, or even love? The child would be faced with massive hardships and that is unfair to an innocent child. It’s time to stand up and fight for abortion rights, now or never!

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The Voice of the Con Critics

“What is wrong with our society today, we can’t continue to kill innocent unborn babies”. Abortion is murder. No matter what anyone says, the science of embryology supports the evidence that when a baby is conceived, those cells immediately start to form a human being. While in the womb the baby forms a DNA specific to that baby, with a mix of the mother and father’s DNA, who are human beings as well, which makes the baby a human. A person who asks for and goes through with an abortion is murdering a human and anyone who advocates abortion is saying it is okay to murder pre-born children.

In addition to that, many religions agree that abortion is murder. The 6th commandment in the Bible states “thou shalt not kill,” and if one has an abortion, it is a sin that contradicts God and his teachings. That commandment not only applies to fully grown humans but most importantly applies to innocent babies, even before they are born. The Bible teaches that even when the child is in the mother’s womb, he or she is a child of God and is most definitely a human. God states in the Bible, “You knit me in my mother’s womb… nor was my frame unknown to you when I was made in secret” (Psalm 139:13, 15). This represents God creating the child in his image and knowing that the child was human before the child has even been born. Sadly, some families are not able to have children. They must go through many infertility treatments and it takes a toll on that family. Women that decide to have an abortion are taking an innocent life that other people wish to have so badly. Instead of choosing to abort a child, a better option could be to put the baby up for adoption. This decision can benefit a family that has been wanting a child and will most importantly, give the child what the birth mother could not provide.

Since unborn babies are human beings they should have a right to life just like the rest of us as indicated in the Declaration of Independence. Everyone has a right to life. At the point of conception, a fetus is a human being with DNA that makes them unique from everyone else, just like others on earth. The life of anyone no matter their state is tremendously important. Everyone in this world should have the same rights, and we must protect the rights of those who cannot protect themselves.

Student Analysis of the Debate and Personal Position

From the supporters’ point of view, women express that they have a fundamental right to an abortion. This claim, to me, is valid because I feel as though everyone should have a right to do what they want especially to their own bodies. In addition, supporters claim that safe abortions are necessary to prevent deaths and harm to women. I feel this argument is very strong in the sense that if abortions were banned many women could die just from trying to give themselves a makeshift procedure, just like what happened when abortions were banned before Roe v. Wade. Supporters also argue that if a woman cannot properly care for a baby then it justifies getting an abortion. This argument makes the most sense to me since there is no point in pressuring women to have a child if their economic situation doesn’t allow her to successfully care and fulfill the baby’s needs. This is especially true for women/families who are not financially and mentally stable. On the other hand, detractors of legalization of abortions provide convincing points, especially the point about murder. Pro-life groups claim that the baby is human at the point of conception. As such, if women were to get an abortion this would be considered murder. What makes this valid is the fact that science indicates life begins at conception, claiming it is human already, with human DNA.

Regarding murder, these people are defying God in all ways. This point is convincing because a greater being has brought us onto this earth and abortion is murder under the 6th commandment. People are killing innocent humans, who don’t even have a voice to fight for themselves, instead of thinking of other options such as adoption. Many families suffer from not being able to start a family, and those babies could be put up for adoption by those families. After examining the arguments of both sides, I believe the supporters have a more powerful position than the critics. For me, the issue comes down to a woman’s right to choose and her safety versus the rights of an unborn baby. Although the critics’ argument that a baby is alive when conceived is valid, the advocates of abortion state that these women are similarly alive and viable meaning they have the rights that are given to you when you are born. In addition, for me, the advocates win the debate that women shouldn’t have to die to get an abortion simply because they choose to have one. I believe that safe and widespread availability will reduce maternal death rates overall and that would be a major benefit to all women. So, all things considered, I am for the legalization of abortion and a women’s right to choose.

Historical Significance

Abortion has been around for many years. Throughout history, people requested abortions all over the world. Prior to the federal government’s Roe v. Wade court case, abortions were restricted in many states. But ever since the Roe v. Wade case went through the courts; abortion restrictions were lifted and deemed unconstitutional. Today, Roe v. Wade may be overturned, and abortions will be banned in many states just like before. The debate affects all women in America today.

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