Our Expectation From Someone and How We Depend on It

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Expectation is a strong belief that something will happen but also expectations is a strong mental weapon that we create by our own way. We all have different expectations from people like someone expect that 'he should wear a red tshirt' or some expect that 'surely he will return' and so on. Expectations is a belief or assumption that we people create and wanted to fulfill our belief through other persons. But we don't think of that man or person in front of whom we expect anything. No doubt, they also expect from us.

According to me, whatever we expect is always big and when it's not fulfill, we get hurt because our happiness is attached to that expectations. The situations where we have a belief in our partners or in-laws or cousins or friends etc,.the thing here is we both expect from each other and wanted to happen in our way, but when our expectations turn into dejection we get maim. For sure,we all have a habit of EXPECTING from people. 

We all presumed without any thought and that all time we think from our conscious mind. As I said, we never thought of a person whom we expect, we always into this faith that, Iam right and your wrong. If you expect something from your loved ones and they never succeed in it ,we create a inconsiderate or disrespect by saying 'How can you be like this?'. We create a distance from each other and atlast we detached by doing conflicts. Remember, action is about situation not about you.

But here we need to understand that, we people different from each other. Everyone thinks differently, everyone has a different background, different parenting, different environment and so on. So, there's nothing like your right and I'm wrong, even that person also feel the same that he's right and your wrong. Here, we both are right in our own way, so we can't come to this agreement that opposite person is wrong. Everyone has a different point of view.

Let's take a e.g., here, take a number '6',when we at the upper end of the side we see '6' as a '9' and when we at the lower side of the '6' we see '6' as it is. From this example we see that there's a different point of view. We only have to ACCEPT the things as they are. 'DON'T EXPECT FROM THE PERSON, ACCEPT THE PERSON '. Turn expectations into acceptance. If you love that person unconditionally with expectations ,that is not love . You only love that person when expectations are normal or with no dictatorship. Don't say i love you, do we need to say everytime? No, instead of that, say I accept you, I accept you as you are.

Buddha said, Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. You shouldn't chase after the past or place expectations on the future. What is past is left behind. We just have to love ourselves. When we do that we never expect anything from anyone because we are an independent soul and we never depend on any individual. Here's some powerful sanskars from well known person BK.Shivani, i.e,.

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