Essay Samples on New England

Comparing The southern Colonies And New England

Southern colonies, the first permanent settlement in the new world was Jamestown Virginia in 1607. This was at the same time as the English civil war. The southern colonies include Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia. 105 passengers traveled on three ships first...

New England and the Southern Colony's Society

New England and the Southern colony’s social factors like politics, economics, and religion deviate from each other. These factors had benefits and limitations in society. For instance, the political factors of the New England society helped them form a common control considering that the Southern...

Comparison of New England and Chesapeake

Colonies are not always the same they have their differences, that makes them unique from one another. Usually they differ from economically, religiously, and their societal structure which is common we are not all the same in this world. New England and Chesapeake are very...

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