My Personal Opinion on the 'Supersize Me'

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My personal opinion on the 'Supersize Me' video is Americans and everyone else on this earth is responsible for their personal choices. I don’t think restaurants should be held accountable for people gaining weight because humans have the choice if they should eat out or just go home and cook something healthy. When you go to fast food you will spend like thirty or forty dollars on something unhealthy vs going to get something healthy. You may also go home and cook something yourself and that will be way cheaper than going out and buying something. When you go out buying fast food you aren’t getting all the nutrition you need. When you’re eating at a place like McDonald’s for instance you are eating grease and god knows what else you may be putting in your body. Marketing techniques shouldn’t be regulated by the government because it’s not the governments choice what we put in our body. The government isn’t our parents and they can’t follow us everywhere to tell us what not to put in our body.

Obesity is very high in the united states and majority of everywhere you go you will see tons of obese people. People still continue to eat out knowing its unhealthy. Eating unhealthy food does more harm than good. You never know what these different brands could be giving you. Every company doesn’t label what is actually in the stuff they are feeding us. If you haven’t tried to eat healthy things for once, you never know if you may like it. Eating healthy for a month will change your life tremendously vs going out and eating fast food for a month. Not eating out you can save hundreds of dollars. The things I’ve learned from this article is fast food is awful for the human body. If you eat fast food every day your mood can change towards things. Your liver can get messed up from eating all the greasy food. Eating fast food everyday can also cause weight gain. The worst part of eating out is your health is effected badly.

I agree that the government should help poor people to get healthy food. I agree to this because fast food is fairly cheap so people would tend to go more to fast food than healthy food. If you go out and try to get healthy food you will probably spend two times that than buy fast food. Fast food is also considerably good. If I was to choose between eating a salad or a cheese burger, I would go for the burger because I don’t really care too much for salads. Junk food seems to always have a better taste than healthy food. If the government was to provide healthy food I would choose that over the fast food because it was given to me. Also if the government were to give citizens healthy food it can decrease the amount of obesity Americans have. The government should take part in helping the people and they may see the change in American lives.

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