Macroeconomics and Nutrition in Canada

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Macroeconomics is a study of economics that tells about the overall economy it deals with the Gross domestic product (GDP), national income, inflation, rate of economic growth, changes in unemployment, and price level.

Canadian research on food guide, firstly they have researched the previous research and lack in their food guide. The first thing they have researched is the impact of the 2007 food guide. The team of Helene Lowell spends two years in research for collecting the knowledge and impact. They have been consulting with a nutritionist and consulting academics, health professionals, non-government, and government organizations. The team gathers information to understand Canadians eating habits and how they get information on a healthy diet.

Canadians food guide team has a search on the broader view they have studied the economy of Canada they searched that with evidence that Canadian don’t eat many fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain food. They consume more sugary beverages and meals that are prepared more with starch and fats. They generally consume food that contains saturated fat, sugar, and salt. In 2019 Helene Lowell and its team guide people to get closer to healthier food and environment.

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When taking the research into account it involves the economy of the country people living there, their incomes, market size and conditions, availability of certain calcium, vitamins and calcium, and government power and control in the country.

The food guide shows the portion of everyone should consume the amount of fruit, vegetables whole grain products, and more consumption of the market and making healthy eating habits part of their life. The food guide briefly tells what amount of fruit, vegetables, and whole-grain products for each age and gender it means it is guiding individuals it is taking into account the micro-level of the economy.

When researching for the food guide Canadians have to see the production possibilities and industry of the economy. The economic growth rate of Canada has risen from 2009 to 2019, which means that there is real growth in the production of goods and services its inflation rate is falling which means that the value of its currency is appreciating and price levels are stable and the rate of employment which means more person is earning and could afford to live a healthy life and could be easily aware of what type of nutrition’s they have to take in order for there health. Furthermore, government spending has increase which means they are supporting their economy and could help the food guide team for bringing more awareness to people that they are consuming more fatty products that more sugar and salt than food containing better nutrition for there health.

The food guide of Canada has communicated with the government of Canada that they allow us to build eating information to Canadians and keeping them up to date with the information. The government is supporting Indigenous service Canada to support the development of healthy eating as the government also is helping the food guide teams and according to the data available of the economy of Canada national income has risen and in old research, there was a lack of resources available and it lacks research on what is the consumption pattern of the people of Canada. Employment rates, economic conditions of Canada in 2007 was not taken into account and level of government spending, market conditions, and production possibilities. The diagram shows that production possibility of two commodities and it is just an example when talking about Canada's economy they have enough resources to produce healthier food and they also manufactures capital goods which means there exports are expensive and so if they want more variety of fruits and vegetables they could import it and government of Canada could give low paid employees benefit of healthier eating and could fix minimum wage level so that they could afford to live a healthy life and non-government companies could give increments to their employees because the worker is the asset of the company when they will be healthy work will be efficient and absenteeism rate will also fall.

In all when food guide has searched on the economy of Canada and find out the lack of things in 2007 food guide and after that, they have seen spending and consumption level of Canadians and then carry a formal dietary plan for every age and with that inform people what is excessive in their diet plan and what is lacking and has produced a plan that is affordable for people undertaking every circumstance.

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