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The Methods to Avoid Jet Lag and Reduce Symptoms

Dealing with jet lag is one of the worst parts of traveling. Traveling to a different time zone can completely disrupt your normal circadian rhythm, making it difficult to go to bed and wake up. This disrupted sleep pattern can affect your concentration and mood...

The Causes of Jet Lag After a Long Travel

Nowadays, we have an easy and accessible way to go far from west to east or vice versa by plane. Traveling far is not a habitual activity for people who have a domestic job or a general nine to five worker but for a specific...

The Design of My Personal Jet Lag Experiment

Everyone once in their lifetime has experienced jet lag. Jet lag is caused of sleep deprivation and the changing of environments when going from one-time zone to another. Jet lag can be experienced from the age of a kid, all the way to an adult....

Recommendations on How to Beat Jet Lag

For a frequent traveler or international traveler, everyone must have to deal with jet lag. Whether you have an important business trip or you’re finally taking your dream vacation, don’t let jet lag symptoms – insomnia, fatigue, daytime sleepiness or mild nausea – drain your...

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