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Why Hunter Gatherers Adopted the Agricultural Lifestyle

For most of our history, humans supported themselves by hunting and gathering: they harvested for food and hunted wild animals. Their lifestyle is nothing compared to how we live today, it is unpleasant, barbarous, and nomadic. Since no food was grown and little was stored,...

Ancient Societies: Hunter Gatherers Transitioning To Agriculturalists 

Abstract: With time comes progress, and as humans we tend to follow the route that’s most feasible leading us in that direction. When we “humans” discovered agriculture, universally we came to the realization of its significance, and how progress could be made there. Its salient...

The Customs and Traditions of Hunter Gatherers and Their Community

Society alludes to set of people; who live respectively in a community, where they share same culture, norms, values, and beliefs. Societies have been categorized accordingly to their different stages of industrialization by sociologist (Little, 2019). Emile Durkheim explicates society’s involvement and its function through...

Defining the Main Features of the Hunter-Gathering Society

Nutrition, kinship and the sexual division of labour all act as separate salient features within foraging societies and are ultimately accounted for by the need for survival. These adaptive features which are required for their existence are however all underpinned by the necessity of having...

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