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The True Joy of Reaching Heaven

Just as the fruit of sin deeds is hell, so is the fruit of good deeds Paradise. What is sin and what is a virtue? This question is very intriguing, it has an independent book printed on it. At this time, it should be understood...

The Concept of Hell in Dante's Divine Comedy

Dante, in the middle of his life, gets lost and finds himself in a dark forest, after having spent the night in the morning he arrives at the foot of a hill illuminated by the sun. Dante begins to climb the hill but suddenly there...

Notions About The Hell In "The Great Divorce" By C.S. Lewis

The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis talks about the story in which the unnamed central character finds himself in the middle of Purgatory and Heaven. He realizes that he is in the Grey Town, waiting along with other passengers for the bus. They get on...

What Bible Tells About Concept Of Hell And Heaven

The Bible is what Christians use as a “survival guide” on how to live as an example of Christ in the modern world. Instead of adapting to the ways of life that the world has created, believers of God decide to follow the Bible which...

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