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Gamification and Motivation at Workplace

Imagine your favorite game, it can be sport, board or online game. But why it is your favorite game? Why are people interested in games? Do people like the competition, connection or just it’s feedback which game gives to people? Nowadays many companies and organizations...

Human Resource Management: An International Perspective

Introduction To turn into a fruitful organization nowadays, its employees need to be assorted, inventive, understanding as well as experienced. This must be accomplished by providing preparation and training to an utmost significant resource of a firm or its kin. In the present period, workers...

How Gamification Can Help People Integrate Into Society

Abstract The main subjects I want to discuss is Gamification and Social behaviour. How Gamification can help people to integrate them into society? I am going to explain the potential of Gamification and how it motivates users to achieve certain goal. Maybe someone is struggling...

The Positives of Gamification and Its Application by Popular Companies

In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in the application process of gamification in software development and its impact on the Usability and User Experience. Gamification concept emerged in 2008 in the digital media industry but only started trending and got extensively adopted...

The Effects of Gamification on Employee Performance

Gamification Gamification has been around for many years. Around early 1900s companies offered free gifts with multiple purchases. But gamification gained the name near the start of 2000, around 2010. It’s been a growing part of modern business. In 2013 gamification was described as the...

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