Filmmaking Then And Now, Based on Comprassion of Spider-Man and MCU Movies

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The SpiderMan comic book series is very popular around the world. With many movies,tv shows, merchandise,and funny videos of people dressed up as SpiderMan,the series popularity only grows. The series has been adapted in many cartoons and many movies. Today i will be talking about the movies, specifically the Sam Raimi trilogy and the most recent the Marvel Cinematic Universe adaptation.

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The Sam Raimi trilogy,first debuting on May 2nd 2002,followed the storyline of high school student Peter Parker and his struggles of balancing his personal life and the life of being SpiderMan.The plot follows Peter from losing his uncle Ben in a robbery gone wrong, to him getting bit by a radioactive spider, and finally him gaining his powers as he begins his transition into SpiderMan.What I like the most about the Raimi trilogy is it’s much darker than the MCU(Marvel Cinematic Universe) adaptation,which we’ll get into later.Peter loses his uncle Ben, he has to fight his best friend's dad and watch him die, and he later has to fight his best friend who swore revenge for the death of his father.While doing all this he has to protect the ones he holds close such as his girlfriend MJ(Mary Jane), his aunt May, and his best friend Harry, while also protecting the city.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe adaptation,first debuting in Captain America Civil War on May 6, 2016, follows high school student Peter Parker being recruited and trained by Tony Stark(AKA Iron Man) to become a better superhero and be the next Iron Man when he’s gone.The plots follows Peter being recruited to fight alongside Iron Man during the dispute between him and Captain America. After the fight between team Iron Man and Team Captain America Tony sees himself in Peter and decides to groom him to become a better hero than him. What I like most about the MCU adaptation is how emotional it is. In Civil War Peter is mostly just a vigilante that Tony recruited as backup, but in Spiderman Homecoming Peter begins his transition into the superhero Tony wants him to be. In the MCu adaptation Peter tries to fix the mistakes he’s made which leads to him making more mistakes. Peter defeats Vulture, who happened to be his girlfriend’s dad, while in the process accidentally destroying a ferry, “died” while trying to stop Thanos, came back to defeat Thanos losing Tony after he sacrificed himself to defeat Thanos, and got betrayed by Mysterio who almost killed him and his friends.

Personally I believe the Mcu Adaptation is better than the Raimi Trilogy because in the MCU version the relationships between characters and the struggles Peter goes through seem more relatable to me than in the Raimi Trilogy. The special effects changed drastically from the Raimi Trilogy to the MCU adaptation. In the Mcu version the SFX are so well done that they really make you believe you’re watching the actors go through explosions, and fight a bunch of drones, and fight monsters made of fire and water. It’s incredible how much SFX have changed over the years making movies much more entertaining. The characters from both movies changed drastically. In the Raimi Trilogy it was Peter trying to protect the whole city, and those he held dearly such as aunt May, MJ, and Harry. In the MCU Adaptation it focuses more on Peter being the superhero everyone needs him to be while also dealing with the tragic loss of Tony and the many mistakes he’s made.

In conclusion both the Raimi Trilogy and The MCU Adaptation have their pros and cons but both of them are highly enjoyable. When deciding which one is better you have to think about the acting, the SFX, the stunt choreography, and the character development. Both versions of Peter Parker have their differences with the Raimi version being more of a struggle in Peter’s personal life and the MCU adaptation being more of Peter’s struggle in being a good superhero. I hope my report helped shed light on these two fantastic movie franchises and you enjoy them as much as I did.

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