Analyzing the Character of Spiderman: A Relatable Heroic Figure

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Analyzing the Character of Spiderman: A Relatable Heroic Figure essay
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I’ve always been in love with superhero movies. Especially Marvel. Since I was a young kid, I’ve related to Spider-Man from the original movies: Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, and Spider-Man 3. Spider-Man is a superhero in the streets of New York City. His name is Peter Parker. Peter Parker is a teenage boy from Queens, New York, who lives with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben after his parents were both killed in a plane crash. Uncle Ben got shot in a robbery later on in the story.

Peter Parker aka Spider-Man has made an impact on me because I’ve lost someone important in my life. My grandma suddenly passed away from a stroke. Before she died she got hit by an aphasia stroke where she wasn’t able to talk or communicate with others. I struggled to communicate during my conversations. It has been a daily struggle to be without her. And I feel the pain and struggle from Spider-Man too. The day where Peter Parker’s uncle got shot, it really let Peter Parker in tears emotionally and mentally. There is something about death that really tears you apart. After some weeks passed by my emotions were feeling much better. But, for Peter Parker, it was a different story. He wanted revenge on the guy who shot and killed his uncle. Later on, he forgave him for his actions.

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Spider-Man is still learning, he’s still figuring out how to handle everything and how other superheroes do it. He’s still a teen, and I can relate to that since I’m only a high school student and I still need to learn a lot more in my life.

He’s in touch with his emotions. Spider-Man is more emotion ready than most others. Spider-Man and I have a lot of feelings, and we’re both in touch with them. For example, losing one of my clothing pieces will get me emotionally sad and makes me think about that for weeks.

Spider-Man’s sense of sarcasm is beautiful. Spider-Man faces some close to death situations, and he’s able to laugh in them in ways that other superheroes could not have done it. I always like to keep the humor and laughs high up in the sky. I always try to be the funny one in the group, and I love to entertain people. This, I believe, bring people together and unite them in something that we all can agree on: life will be hard sometimes, but there will be some funny moments too.

Spider-Man’s family is everything to him. If you look at the Marvel superheroes, most of them don’t have an ideal family situation going on. Spider Man’s situation was not always great, but his uncle and aunt loved him. And Spider-Man cares about them and loves them too. He shows that family isn’t necessarily your parents. It’s the ones who have taken care of you. I love my family to death, and they’ve always supported me through my good and bad days.

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The essay explores the applicant's deep connection to Spider-Man, particularly from the original movies. It draws parallels between the superhero's experiences and the applicant's personal life, highlighting themes of loss, emotions, growth, and family. The essay effectively conveys how Spider-Man's journey resonates with the applicant's own struggles and values. The connection made between Spider-Man's sense of humor and the applicant's desire to entertain and bring people together is notable. The inclusion of personal anecdotes, such as the loss of the applicant's grandmother, adds depth and authenticity to the essay. However, the essay could benefit from a clearer structure to enhance its flow and readability, along with expanding on specific examples of how Spider-Man's experiences have influenced the applicant's mindset and actions.
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Introduction: Craft a compelling introduction that provides a concise overview of the essay's themes and the applicant's personal connection to Spider-Man. Structural Organization: Organize the essay into distinct sections, each focusing on a specific aspect of Spider-Man's influence on the applicant's life. Specific Examples: Include detailed anecdotes and instances that showcase how Spider-Man's experiences directly relate to the applicant's emotions, growth, and family values. Expand on Parallels: Provide more depth and reflection on the specific parallels between Spider-Man's challenges and the applicant's own experiences. Elaborate on Humor: Further explain how Spider-Man's sense of humor resonates with the applicant's desire to entertain and unite people. Transitions: Utilize transitional phrases to create smoother transitions between different sections and ideas. Concluding Thoughts: Summarize the key takeaways from the essay and reiterate the impact of Spider-Man's character on the applicant's values and perspective.
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