Spiderman Into the Spider-Verse: Miles Morales Character Analasis

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Spiderman Into the Spider-Verse: Miles Morales Character Analasis essay
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Spiderman was a famous movie character of superheroes. I was caught surprised when I watch the movie Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse. In this pandemic, I was looking for a superhero movie to bring encouragement in these tough times. And here it is, Spiderman Into the Spider-Verse, this movie brings the importance of the relationship between the family and our loved ones. Although some would argue that having superpowers is much more important. The family relationship should be the top priority than personal aspirations and continue to nurture that connection that will help us face human struggles.

The movie is portrayed by Miles Morales, a regular kid that is moving to a prominent private school in the high-class society. He passed the entrance exam and made it to this school because he is smart and supported by his family. Miles's father is Jefferson, Jefferson is a police officer and he is very strict and adheres to the law. Miles's relationship with his father has rough edges and just like normal millennials, he undergoes a roller coaster of emotions. Miles finds a safe haven with his uncle Aaron. Uncle Aaron has problems in the law in the past and Jefferson does not want Miles to follow his footsteps.

Until he gets bitten by the radioactive spider from multi-verse after painting in the secret place where Miles and his uncle’s Aaron secret place. Miles experienced weird feelings and very unusual events happening. He was experiencing Spiderman powers and early warning danger senses. In one of the events, Miles witnessed the battle between Goblin and Spiderman in his present time. Miles was in the middle of the fight and was in danger but Spiderman saved him. With Miles newfound powers made him one of the Spiderman (s), Peter Parker pledged to teach him about spidey stuff but Peter died. Miles felt bad about Peter’s death and he went to the cemetery to watch the burial. To Miles's surprise, he witnessed another Peter Parker from a different dimension. Miles asks the new Peter Parker if he will train him to be a Spiderman but the new Peter Parker denied it because he is also down and lost.

The story gives us that human encounters a lot of changes in our lives that we have to deal with. There are problems and there are also solutions and most importantly we are not alone. This movie portrayed the importance of the family relationship. Let’s focus on the father and son relationship. Jefferson is tough to Miles because he knows that his son is smart and there’s a lot of things that Miles needs to learn, ultimately he loves his son unconditionally. Just like any other high school kids, Miles is stubborn and appears to lean towards less friction. Meaning, he hangs out with his uncle Aaron as an ally because he always supports and agrees with him. 

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Little that Miles knows, his father put his family a priority above his own needs. He always wants the best for Miles. Family relationship is very important especially in life’s trial and tribulations. It showed in this movie that even when Miles has miscommunication with his dad. Both supported each other and bounce back after difficult problems in life. Miles's father continues to encourage him even when Miles got hit to get up and keep fighting. Encouragement from a family member that you trust gives you that courage and desire to press forward.

Later in the story, when all other Spiderman from different dimension came together to assist Miles to learn how to use his powers. They supported him throughout the early stages until he gets comfortable and able to stand on his own. It reminds me that we are not alone, we need our family to support us in our times of darkness and we are stronger when we are together.

The importance of family relationships to connect in good and bad times to render support when help is needed. The family relationship is also showed when Miles's mother told him that “Our family doesn’t run from things.” Meaning that the motherly love will always be there no matter what the situation or issues. In this relationship, the foundation of love is vital in building trust to tackle tough challenges in life.

The fatherly love, in the movie Mile’s dad, talked to him during the door was closed and state this: “I see this spark in you. It’s amazing, it’s why I push you.” Saying that his dad supports him and whatever he wants to do in his life. He also told Miles many times that he loves his son and even Miles does not respond. Here is another way of unconditional love that no matter what comes, Miles's father will love and care for his son.

The moral lesson of the movie is that family relationships and our loved ones are very important in our lives. When we are in a pickle, our father, mother, sisters, brother, cousins…friends that we trust will always be there to support and help us every step of the way. We need to make the connections now and express how we love each other. Build an inclusive environment of trust with our family network and friends. This will ease the challenges in life. Additionally, this will remind us that we are not alone, your family and loved ones will be there when the tough is going. 

Developing that good relationship is important early on before it’s too late. Finally, family relationships and our loved ones are very important than personal aspirations because creating that positive relationship allows you to be courageous to resolve any problems that may arise in your life. These will help us make this world peaceful and be a responsible community member – and spread the love.

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The essay provides an analysis of the movie "Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse" and its portrayal of family relationships. The student highlights the importance of family support in challenging times, drawing examples from the characters' interactions. The essay demonstrates a basic understanding of the movie's themes and its message. However, the analysis could be further developed by providing deeper insights into the characters' motivations and the movie's impact. Additionally, a more structured approach and improved coherence would enhance the essay's flow.
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Deeper Analysis: Provide deeper insights into the characters' motivations and emotions, explaining how these contribute to the movie's themes. Structured Approach: Organize the essay with clear introduction, body, and conclusion sections to improve overall coherence. Impact Analysis: Discuss the broader impact of the movie's portrayal of family relationships on the audience and its relevance to real-world situations.
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Spiderman Into the Spider-Verse: Miles Morales Character Analasis essay

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