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Review of Jerry A. Coyne's Book Why Evolution is True

Abstract Looking for the missing links that have kick started our view of the human family tree. Scientists have dedicated years to researching the beginning of our existence. Jerry A. Coyne proceeds to share with us his thoughts and responses to these irrefutable findings. Why...

Wegener's Theory of Continental Drift and the Coastline Puzzle

In order to understand how and why Alfred Wegener’s hypothesis of continental drift came to be considered as a ‘scientific revolution’, firstly it must be understood that prior to year 1960 the majority of scientists were of the belief that the Earth’s continents and ocean...

The Expanding Earth Theory of Continental Drift and Its Evolution

When Europeans viewed the first world maps including the Americas 5 centuries ago, they noticed the African and South American coastlines would fit together like a puzzle if they were not separated by the Atlantic ocean. Scientists of the era were baffled and came to...

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