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Teaching Games For Understanding (tgfu) & Vygotsky’s Social Constructivism

The final piece of grey literature which will be summarised is about TGfU by Henry Dorling. This will also take into consideration aspects of Vygotsky’s social constructivism concepts in how the two can work alongside one another. The piece of grey literature will be explored...

The Effectiveness Of Learning Theories: Constructivism

This paper aims to establish the effectiveness of learning theories in current practice and their application to the primary classroom. The paper will begin with a brief outline of constructivism, as well as an evaluation of its effectiveness, in comparison to other theories when applied...

The Rise Of India And China Through The Neo-realist And The Constructivist Theories

Core Tenets of Neo-Realism and Constructivism Neo-realism places its focus on predicting the behaviors of states on preconceived notions and indicators, that focus on a world with no governing authority above the state. This means that the behavior of the state is in reaction to...

Social Constructivism In Social Work Practice

What constitutes reality or how one operates within his or her environment? These two questions can be answered with many variations, yet one theory can provide a start. Social Constructivism, or the idea that “Social reality is created when clients, [or people,] in social interaction,...

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