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Portrayal Of French Algeria'S Uprisings In The Battle Of Algiers

Introduction In Gillo Pontecorvo’s film The Battle of Algiers, the suppression of French Algeria is explored through numerous urban uprisings in the late 1950s. The film is ancient and rather extreme in its portrayal, yet it provides excellent critique of guerrilla insurgency. Few of today’s...

Depiction of the After War Struggles in the Documentary Battle of Algiers

“The Battle of Algiers” is a dramatized documentary that showcases the post war struggles of the Algerian public who want to free themselves from French colonial rule. The French did not respond very well to this and reacted very aggressively and brutal to try and...

Torture During Algerian Colonization in the Battle of Algeirs

The depiction of torture gave the film, Battle of Algiers, considerable global attention, raising the questions regarding the efficacy of torture in the context of colonialism. However, to what extent can this movie be regarded as accurate in portraying the violence, for it to be...

Analysis of the Documetary Film Battle of Algiers: Depiction of the Horrors of War

The Italian-Algerian docufilm “Battle of Algiers” was released in 1966, just 4 years after Algeria obtained independence. The newly-independent state was confronting the issue of a inhomogeneous political scene, thus the movie served Algeria’s need of to build a national identity. The docufilm portrays the...

National Liberation Front in the Movie Battle of Algiers

Throughout the film, the FLN (National Liberation Front) proved to be dedicated to exhibiting resistance to French colonialism through a variety of political and violent means. The FLN targets French policeman and paratroopers by means of guerilla warfare. The group was resourceful, dedicated, and persistent....

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