Barbaric Methods of the Mongol Soldiers

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Splash! Blood splatters on your city’s once fortified walls as you hear the screams of fellow soldiers begging for mercy and for the tall, broad and robust Mongol Soldiers to spare their lives, but then suddenly the screaming stops. The order from Khan has been commanded to slaughter everyone and burn the town to dust just like the many before you, all because you refused to join the empire. Despite their swift methods of communication, the mongols were very barbaric because they were denigrating towards the innocent, annihilated entire civilizations and feared by neighboring civilizations.

The Mongols were disrespectful towards the innocent. Making dead corpses indistinguishable from one another by slashing the body even after deaths, and they would severe the corpse’s head from the body as a tactic of psychological warfare which was truly barbaric and expendable.

Also, the Mongols killed unborn babies inside of pregnant women to intimidate their enemies and demonstrate their lack of remorse for morals. Last of all, into two separate piles, they separated men in one, and women and children in the other.

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One could infer from this tactic that they are vicious and barbaric savages. Subsequently, the Mongols annihilated entire civilizations, slaughtering thousands of people at a time and millions in total. According to an article written by Mihai Andrei Khan, “wars led in Khan’s name have been responsible for upwards of 40 million deaths, at the time that was 10% of the entire world’s population “. Adolf Hitler is estimated to have been at fault for the deaths of 19 million people. This just puts into perspective just how many deaths Khan was responsible for, because of how many people Hitler is notoriously known for killing is not even half of Khan’s. Next, as illustrated by a 13th century Persian historian, “With one stroke a world which billowed with fertility was laid desolate, and the regions thereof became a desert, and the greater part of the living, dead, and their skin and bones crumbling dust, and the mighty were humbled and immersed in the calamities of perdition. ' This historian is depicting the destruction by the Mongols is immense and vast.

Lastly, as stated by historian Juvaini from Persia, “In the Muslim countries devastated by Genghis Khan, not one in a thousand of the inhabitants survived”. This quote shows just how eminents one's fate could be when the Mongol army knocked on your doorstep.

Lastly, they were feared by neighboring civilizations because of their ruthless destruction and shear strength. As first stated by Pope Innocent the IV “We will become subject to you, and will place our powers at your disposal”.

Pope Innocent the IV was willing to surrender his powers and resources towards the Mongols, essentially telling the Mongols to spare our lives and town and we will work for you because you will slaughter us in war. Next, according to Voyages textbook on certain occasions when Genghis Khan arrived at cities the cities would surrender in hopes to escape the wrath of Khan and bloody doomed fate of the many before them. In a lecture given by Mr. Warren, the expressed the mood of neighboring civilizations and people by stating “you could travel across the silk road with a gold plate on your head and no one would step in your way” this shows the fear people had of the mongols and the fear of the consequences that would happen if they were caught by the barbaric Mongolian army.

On the contrary, the Mongols had swift methods of communication. Mongol yam was a method of communication, here is how it worked “The first messenger would travel by horseback to the nearest yam, from here the next messenger already stationed at the yam would now take over and travel to the next station, and the original rider could rest and recover from their journey. This relay system ensured that the Mongol messages and communication were handled with amazing speed. ”. These methods are efficient however the mongols used them in ways that are considerably barbaric.

One historian wrote that Genghis Khan sent the word that he wanted his enemies leader captured alive, and within days this leader arrived through the yam system and Khan poured molten silver down his eyes and ears 11 which is undeniably barbaric and cruel. All in all, the Mongolians have many controversial actions but they were denigrating towards the innocent, annihilated entire civilizations and feared by neighboring civilizations which are all very barbaric actions. Genghis Khan is looked at as one of the most dangerous men to ever live and is responsible for so many deaths.

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