Unleashing Wave of Creativity Among Cannabis Packagers

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With recreational marijuana getting legalized in American states like California, Colorado and Michigan, adding to the list recently, there has been an unleashing wave of creativity among cannabis packagers. The aim is to look for ways to keep your weed fresh. Cannabis packaging has taken a giant leap, but as an industry there is still scope for growth. The fact of the matter is that marijuana is a dried herb that requires care and attention for it to age correctly and last longer. While the rules of how you must store your marijuana are pretty basic, the guidelines do vary on factors like the living conditions, aesthetic style, and geography. Let’s understand the basic do’s and don’ts that the cannabis industry must apply while making cannabis containers.

The first and the foremost choice that needs to be made in the cannabis industry is to say NO to plastic. Single-use plastics from the cannabis industry going into landfills and oceans are not just unfortunate but appalling. Vape pens, cartridges, labeling stickers, envelopes, packaging solutions and shipping packages are few of the ways plastic is being overused for cannabis products. Additionally, marijuana packaging in plastic barrier bags has also been a cause of great distress among serious stoners as it lacks the skill to protect the stash from its natural enemies. The best way to keep weed fresh however, is to keep it in high-quality, air tight, smell proof, wide mouth concentrate containers.

The best way to store stash is in a spot with cool air temperatures as it helps preserve its psychoactive strength. The temperature however should be cool and not cold. The moisture in air temperatures above 70° Fahrenheit or warmer have the ability to dry out the medical marijuana properties. It can also make it harsher and unhealthy for use. However, storing the buds in the freezer is also not an appropriate solution for the same. Therefore, the cannabis industry looks at packaging options and storing solutions that can keep the stash dry and air tight. Cannabis containers mindfully engineered from aluminium and stainless steel have proven to be resistant containers that keep the stash dry and air tight with the help of a locking lid.

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A rule of thumb for cannabis products is to keep them stored at about 60% humidity for it to be consistently fresh in terms of its flavor, texture, color, and potency. However, as much as 65% humidity is enough to create a problem. While too much moisture in the air can make the stash susceptible to fungus like mold and mildew, too little moisture can degrade the cannabinoids and terpenes founds primarily in the cannabis plants and cannabis flowers. Hence, airtightglass jars with tamper evident pop tops or shrink bands for glass jars are an effective solution to control the humidity.

Did you know that the cannabis plants can grow to great heights if it has exposure to plenty of sunlight? This leads us to the logical conclusion of more the sunlight, higher the cannabis yields. But the fact is that although sunlight seems to be vital, it is actually the darkness after sunset that starts the flowering in cannabis plants. However, at a much later stage when you’re looking for an appropriate storage container or stash jar, what you really need is a packaging that keeps the stash away from the harmful UV rays. 

The light rays from the sun not only breaks down many organic and synthetic materials, it also has a tendency to bleach the buds and harsh the mellow of your stash just how it burns our skin. Therefore, mylar bags are considered a favorable marijuana packaging solution that provides the opacity which is great for protecting Cannabis from sunlight. They are toxin free so do not give toxin chemicals to the bud, have gas and odor barriers and a high tensile strength too.

Just how you keep your fermenting alcohol from being exposed to oxygen, marijuana needs to be protected the exact same way. While humidity and temperature play an important role, a high oxygen environment also has the ability to kill or degrade the quality of weed. It does not necessarily mean that your stash needs to be empties of any possible air because a certain amount of air is required for the preservation and maturation of the weed buds. While controlling the oxygen exposure to your stash, the size of your concentrate container plays a key role too. Over-sized jars for a small amount of stash only allow more oxygen to get in. Packaging solutions like top bottles and glass jars therefore come in different sizes. So when your stash diminishes, look for a more appropriate size of oxygen resistant containers.

Keeping your stash away from kids may sound like a no-brainer, but with kids getting smarter by the day, are you really taking enough care? It is time to outsmart the kids, as storing your weed out of their reach is just not enough. Which is why, a cannabis packaging solution used to package cannabis concentrate, cannabis flower, edibles or pre-rolls must have child proof or child resistant caps on them.  

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