Medical Marijuana Should Be Legalized

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Legalization of medical marijuana has always been a controversial topic because of its hazardous. Many think that medical marijuana would be a gateway drug and would be abused. On the other side, medical marijuana could bring so many benefits to our country. It would help save many lives and make our economy grater. The legalization of marijuana in all 50 states would do more good than bad.

Marijuana has been around since the early 1800s. It’s not something that will easily go away therefore we should advantage of it. When people think of marijuana they think of drugs, bad for you, addict, addiction. But, it also has many health benefits that could help save people’s lives. Smoking marijuana helps people with anxiety become less stressed and to control the state that they are in. It allows them to continue on with their lives like any other ordinary person. Not only is it good for people who suffer from anxiety it’s also a great pain reliever for cancer patients. Cancer patients already go through so much pain whether it’s physically or emotionally, the pain is there.Medical marijuana has many benefits with patients who have chronic diseases. Many patients with serious diseases make life possible using marijuana daily. A person experiencing a serious illness should be able to choose a medicine that will relieve their pain and suffering.

Marijuana is a sensitive topic which should have a person choice decide whether a drug is legal or not.In the first 12,000 years, Marijuana has benefited civilizations across the globe. Chinese people used the plant’s hemp fibers for making clothes, shoes, weapons, writing paper, and its intoxicating properties when conducting surgeries. The Japanese use it in many religious events and celebrations. By law, early American colonial farmers were ordered to grow hemp to be used as ropes and sails on ships.[1] In the 1700’s, Hemp was the primary crop grown by George Washington at Mount Vernon, and a secondary crop grown by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello. Marihuana has contributed in helping many civilizations survive; however, when spreading root in American, people of law and power used any means of defamation and falsity.

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The legalization of medical marijuana would also benefit our economy greatly. Instead of having people sell it illegally and make money out of it we should make it legal to greater our economy. Drug dealers have been getting away with selling and raising the price of marijuana for years on end. They find ways to create their own business behind closed doors and the economy does not benefit from it at all. In fact the government is wasting so much money and taxes on bring these drug dealers to justice while they benefit from all the money they make from doing dirty jobs. Legalizing marijuana “will increase marijuana’s public health costs, including mental and respiratory problems, and motor vehicle accidents”.

Knowing the pros and cons on the legalization of medical marijuana, the pros outweigh the cons significantly. Other think “states attempting to us high taxes to keep marijuana prices artificially high would leave a large market for much cheaper illegal unrelated and untaxed marijuana” which would not happen if we where to go about the right way.

Medical marijuana should be a medicine that is prescribed and not something that a person could easily get at a CVS or Walgreens counter. The legalization of medical marijuana does not at all increase on crime. The more that medical marijuana becomes ok in the country the less homicides and assaults we have. Because it is so easy for people to get marijuana prescribed to them they don’t find a need to go out and do it the dangerous way. Less people are inclined to buy from a drug dealer when they can easily go into there local doctor and fake a pain they don’t feel for access to marijuana. The less people we have buying marijuana out in the streets the less drug dealers we have in the states. Yes it’s bad that people are lying to just get prescribed marijuana but it’s also benefiting the economy with higher taxation on the medical marijuana supply. Reasons as to why people are so against to the idea of medical marijuana would be because if its reputation. Marijuana is known to be a drug that people use to get high which leads to actions that are not acceptable. Other that are opposing the idea of its legalization in all fifty/ states, state that there is not enough evidence to show that it helps to deal with diseases. They say that it takes away a person’s ability to drive a car because of how blurry there vision and mind get when on marijuana. It’s affecting there skills drastically possessing a threat to others. Medical marijuana would help out patients dealing with cancer greatly. It eases the pain that is caused by the disease. People who suffer from anxiety or chronic pain are able to live life without having to live in fear of pain. Something that a lot of americans suffer on a daily basis. Knowing the benefits that medical marijuana possess it would be not be humanly ok if we weren’t to legalize it.

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