Why Is Weed Bad Or Good For You

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Pot, marijuana ,weed, the devil's lettuce. Different terms used to describe cannabis. Some argue that this plant is a God given miracle or, as some like to say, a miracle drug with no side effects. Others demonize it and refer to it as a gateway drug. I believe that everything should be consumed in moderation, no more no less and I base my opinion off medical journals, which triumphs both lies and stigma surrounding this plant. Stigma runs deep when it comes to smoking weed, if you are a pot smoker you are a lazy stoner and a criminal, those two words aren’t mutually exclusive. But for someone who is a daily smoker to tell me that weed is not addictive is oxymoronic. I prefer looking at studies researching cannabis effects on the human body, to educate myself on what I am consuming, rather than listening to biased reviews on it. Yes there are benefits to cannabis, but that doesn't mean you can choose to ignore the downsides.

Cannabis is not bad, cannabis has not harmed anyone, cannabis can cure cancer. Statements usually said by advocates of cannabis users, none of which are true to any extent.

Firstly cannabis like any drug has the potential to cause harm, the harm may not be physical like coughing up tar from smoking too many cigarettes, or liver damage from excessive drinking. None of that,something far more deadly you probably won't even foresee coming. Because it is all psychological. Unlike alcohol or cigarettes, weed can slow down and even stop mental growth in anyone under the age of 25, and that's where the dumb stoner stereotype comes into play. The reason behind why weed has an effect on mental growth is because people under 25 have more cannabinoid receptors in their whaite matter part of the brain than people over 25, part of the brain called white matter deals with communication, learning , memory and emotion. Frequent cannabis use in people under the age of 25 can disrupt the development in white matter neurons, which is why stoners share the same qualities with the living dead. Secondly it is true cannabis has not harmed anyone, like no one has ever died of a weed overdose just probably slept like they were in a coma. But cannabis isn't completely harmless; there is a certain group of people with a severe mental disorder known as schizophrenia. People with schizophrenia experience a combination of hallucinations and delusions, Imagine being paranoid while high on weed but times a hundred, that's what having schizophrenia is like and their symptoms get worse when that person consumes a psychedelic like weed, shrooms or acid. What weed does is it makes the person even more paranoid and deluded causing them to have fits lasting the duration of the high, otherwise known as having a bad trip.

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And lastly, yes I get that weed is nice and all but claiming that it cures cancer is just going a bit too far I saw posts online claiming that weed can cure cancer and that the government doesn't want the people to know because they want to profit off the sick, first of all that is not true at all and stop smoking too much you are turning into a conspiracy theorist.There have been no studies proving that weed can cure or even erase cancer cells. There have been instances that weed has been given to chemo patients to alleviate the radiation symptoms such as nausea , fatigue and appetite loss. In conclusion weed is bad for you if you are under 25 or have schizophrenia other than that you are free to do whatever you want with weed and remember weed doesn't cure cancer no matter how much you wanna believe in its magical healing powers.

“Weed is not addictive” is another lie a common belief amongst cannabis users.

Weed is not addictive. You probably heard this from your stoner friend who smokes daily and says he can quit any day but doesn't because he doesn't need to and that he can still function while high. These are the kind of stoners who are in denial of the state they are in, they are becoming dependent on this drug. The reason why someone smokes everyday is because they have built up a tolerance. Its kinda like how people get addicted to painkillers, a doctor tells them to take one pill everyday and it works…for about a month then they up the dosage because they don't feel the desired effect and sooner or later they are taking more than the recommended dosage because they start to experience withdrawal symptoms whenever they don't take any pills, similar case with cannabis whenever someone stops weed consumption for a short period of time after a binge they start to become irritable and depressed, which is a sign of withdrawls. Secondly if a person does decide to continue consuming cannabis ignoring signs like withdrawal symptoms telling their body that it needs time to heal, this then leads to the dreaded addiction. Dependence and addiction mean two different things, it is true that the words are considered synonyms but in scientific literature dependency can be classified as a joint, a cigarette or even a glass of wine a day, as long as it does not impact you day to day endeavors, while addiction is when is does start to impact your daily life then it becomes abuse. Lastly the cycle of abuse, once you start to take notice of the signs you are already way to deep down the rabbit hole to climb back up, and what happens then is that you start to use weed as a crutch because without it you are miserably depressed and anxious, missing out on daily activities and really fatigued to do anything else. You are already trapped in a cycle of drug abuse that you are aware of and know that it's just gonna get worse but stopping would mean having to deal with the withdrawal symptoms so why even bother quitting when you are happy for now. In conclusion, look out for signs of dependency, because if you are already addicted then there is no way out, without external help.

“Weed is a gateway drug” you probably heard this somewhere before, there are studies to prove it so it must be true right, wrong.

Why is weed bad for you? Firstly, the gateway drug theory is about the use of weed before advancing to harder drugs ie opioids, coke,crack or meth. It just basically means that if you puff some of that ganja you will be sticking needles in yourself in no time, there have been studies that shows a correlation between heroin users that have smoked in the past, but thats all that is a correlation and just that, This is a classic example of correlation not equaling causation, it's like saying the more medicine I take the better i will feel, not entirely true just like the the gateway drug theory which is flawed in the sense that it tries to portray people who smoke weed as addicts who will eventually end up doing heroin. Secondly I don't like pointing fingers but alcohol is an actual gateway drug, alcohol not only is a widely acceptable drug to consume more than weed and tobacco, it is also known to lower inhibitions making one more likely to experiment with harder drugs. And there are in fact studies that show a correlation between alcohol and harder drugs. And lastly there is another study more of a social experiment which is actually true, buying weed from a drug dealer rather than a verified source such as the OCS. You are more likely to and this is based on personal choice, you the consumer are more likely to try harder drugs if the drug dealer has them in stock. Lucky since the government has legalized cannabis. In conclusion, anyone whoever said that weed is a gateway drug has been lying to you the entire time, alcohol is the true culprit here and it is best to buy from a reputable source like the OCS rather than your local drug dealer.

Weed is not a miracle drug but it comes close to being one, but what people choose to forget is that for every action there is a reaction, and this may uniquely differ for everyone young, old, mentally healthy or not. So a little tip to remember for anything in life should be consumed in moderation as Mae West says “Too much of a good thing can be taxing” . 

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