Unique Poetry of William Wordsworth, The Father of Romanticism

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In the late 18th and 19th century poets joined together to write about a cause that they felt deeply about. The Romantic Era started with a man named William Wordsworth who is also known as the Father of Romanticism. During this time, the world was changing, questions were being answered and the simplistic world they knew before wasn't so simple. Writers like Wordsworth did not like these new techniques that the world was bringing. They wanted the world to be more natural and full of nature. When the Industrial Revolution came, it brought a lot of changes to the world. The Factories started to burn coal, and the coal caused pollution. Everything that they had known before was being destroyed and writing was a way to make a statement. In William Blake's poem, the 'Nurse's Song', also called 'Innocence', it talks about how the children didn't want to go to bed. They wanted to stay outside and play. In the poem it said, 'And we cannot go to sleep; besides, in the sky the little birds fly and the hills are cover'd with sheep.' Poets in the Romantic Era believed that children should do what they naturally wanted to do. They believed that growing up was wrong and being a kid forever was right. They didn't believe in consequences, they just believed that if children were doing what they wanted and showed a talent it was okay. Everyone went to work to earn money for their families. The land that was used for playing was now being destroyed to build factories. Blake wanted to remind the people that there once was a time when children could just play and have fun. He wanted to remind them that the more natural ways invoked joy and not pain.

In Wordsworth poem, 'Lines Written in Early Spring', it talked about how spring brought him happiness. He started to give the things in nature characteristics. He talked about how the world sadden him. He said,'And much it grieved my heart to think what man has made of man.' When William said this he was talking about how the world was a beautiful place. When man came the world was destroyed. The coal polluted the air and nothing was the same after that. Poets in this time missed the olden days. They missed the life they had before the pollution and the sadness. They wanted a more natural way to live. Blake also wrote two poems about the Industrial Revolution called 'The Lamb' and 'The Tyger'. These poems talked about how little children grew into adults who did not have fun anymore. In 'The Lamb' it said, 'He is meek and he is mild.' Before a time of chaos everything was natural. Children could play without having to grow up. They lived within nature. In 'The Tyger' it said 'And what shoulder, what art, Could twist the sinews of thy heart? And when thy heart began to beat, what dread hand? & what dread feet?' This line was saying that as people grew up they didn't understand the beauty of the world. As the children grew up, the ideas of the world came between them and creativity. There was no longer anyone to help them with every single thing. Now they were on their own and The Romantics hated that sense of growing up. They were trying to create a statement that showed their pain in the world. Each poet that wrote spread an awareness about the world around them. The world did not continue to slow down but they did spark an interest of saving the earth rather than destroying it. Without poets in the Romantic Era, the world would never have known what life was like before.

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