The Life and Poetic Legacy of Robert Burns

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“There is no such uncertainty as a sure thing,” wrote Robert Burns. As early as the age of 15 he was determined to become a writer. Robert Burns was a scottish poet that wrote many famous poems and songs in his time, including one of his most famous poems “A Red, Red Rose.” Between Robert Burns many famous poems, and his very large family, he has had a very interesting life. Robert Burns had a very interesting adult life, although it didn't last long. He married a woman named Jean Armour. Together they had 11 kids. His children's names were Elizabeth Riddell Burns, James Glencarn Burns, William Nicol Burns, Robert Burns, Robert Burns, Elizabeth Paton Burns, Elizabeth Burns, Isabella Burns, Francis Wallace Burns, Jean Burns, and last Maxwell Burns, who was born on the same day as Roberts funeral.

Out of the eleven, Robert Burns only claimed one of the children, this was Elizabeth Riddell Burns. He would refer to her as his only daughter, although he had multiple. While Robert only married once, he had these children with 4 different women. Although, over half of his children died at a young age. Elizabeth Riddell Burns, the only daughter he claimed, died at two years old, which left him very upset. (According to James Naughties’ biography on bbc.)

As far as Robert Burns’ work experience goes, he didn't have much, he worked as a farmer with his parents as a teen, but that did not interest him. He said that farming work was demanding and detrimental to his health, So that's when he started writing poetry. That's when he wrote his first poem.( Robert Burns Biography.)

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As far as Robert Burns literary career goes, he only really wrote poetry and songs. Some of his biggest, most famous poems were the following: “Tam O’Shanter” It was published in 1791. It tells a story about a drunk man in Scotland, who was driving back from the bar and saw something supernatural. While this man was having a supernatural encounter, his wife, Kate, had to suffer through it all, along with his friends in Ayr. This next poem “Tae a Moose” was also very popular. It’s about a real event that happened when Burns destroyed a mouse nest while working in a field, by accident.

Another well known poem Robert Burns wrote was “A Red, Red rose.” Which is about him comparing his love to a rose, And how his love will never stop for her, or about how he will never stop loving her. He had also wrote many more well known poems such as, “Address to Haggis,” and “Address to the Deil,” etc… While he wrote poems, he also wrote lots of songs, almost over 400! Robert Burns wrote his first poem when he was just 15. When robert Burns passed away he wrote over 220 poems. (“Robert Burns biography.”.)He was awarded many honors. There is an award you can recieve if you save or improve someone's life drastically.

This award was named after Robert Burns. Pretty much if you win it you get a 1759 guine (as known as a British coin.) So for instance, if you saved a whole bunch of people in a fire you might could receive a British coin. Robert Burns also had a stamp made of him by the Soviet Union in 1956. Another cool thing Robert Burns got honored with, was being on the coke bottle in 2009, which does not seem to long ago. Although he did have a lot of honors made towards him, he was sadly not alive when most of his recognition was made. Most of the attention he received was after he died. (According to Branson Keeners’ article title, “Awards I have won.”)

Robert Burns life was cut short on July 21, 1796, when he died at just the age of thirty-seven. The exact cause of Robert Burns death remains unknown, but some people have a few ideas. For over 200 years, alcohol was suggested as a factor. But others say he had lots of medical issues from the time of 1791-1796. Back in the late 1700s his sickness was known as “Flying Gout” but now recognized as Migratory Arthritis. It also probably didn't help that the only daughter he claimed, Elizabeth, died during the time of his sickness, causing him to grieve. Robert Burns had a large funeral with military honours on July 26. The only family member that attended was his brother. His wife and children were at home, his wife was giving birth to his last child, Maxwell Burns. (“Ciad Mile Failte.”)

In conclusion, Robert Burns had a really interesting life. From being born in a tiny cottage in Scotland, to being a very famous author. Growing up with six siblings, and two farming parents, then having eleven children. He was a very talented poet, and wrote some very memorable poems that people today still know of, which is crazy because he was born in the 1700s, and it's now the 2000s. Although his life was short, Robert Burns was a very successful man.

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